Zap Unhygienic Pests With Effective Solutions

Zap Unhygienic Pests With Effective Solutions

No-one likes house pests that can ruin our day-to-day lives, and there are so many different varieties from bed bugs, moths, house mites and carpet beetles found inside the home all year round to the summer seasonal pests including wasps, flies, ants and mosquitoes.

Bed bugs are so common due to extensive travel around the world and a well-established second-hand furniture market. They also travel with ease from home to home in highly populated areas, particularly in cities. Bed bugs are around 4-6 mm in length with brown oval-shaped bodies. Due to their small size, bed bug extermination requires a thorough application routine to ensure their complete eradication.

Carpet Beetles are similarly persistent and a constant prevention regime is basic to ensure their complete removal. The warmer weather combined with centrally heated homes has resulted in Carpet beetle infestations becoming a year-round problem. Carpet beetles live in quiet, dark areas such as behind sofas, along skirting boards and under bookcases or other furniture. Vacuuming in these areas frequently, moving furniture around and allowing light into lesser used rooms will all help to create a less desirable ecosystem for carpet beetles to live. They are attracted to natural materials and consequently upholstered furniture can also be at risk. It is the larvae, sometimes referred to as ‘wooly produces’, that create the damage by eating natural animal based fibres such as woollen carpets.

In both situations, the following action should help to remove the problem and prevent further infestations
1) removal of the pests using a thorough vacuuming and cleaning course of action
2) use of Foggers or Fumers to release a pesticide smoke in to the room
3) spraying a non-staining pesticide on the affected and nearby areas to kill and deter
4) lay down an insect killing powder onto possible points of entry for the pests, so prevent further infestations.

Remove any pets and/or fish tanks from the room before starting treatment and do not use near or on preparation or storage areas for food. Wash your hands and any exposed skin thoroughly after using these killing treatments.

This course of action will take time and effort, but cutting corners will only encourage repeat infestations. House pests are very persistent and only thorough routines as detailed will ensure their complete eradication from your home. Repeat treatments may be necessary now and then and vigilance is advised in monitoring for returning pest infestations in your home.

For a complete, easy to use solution, consider Killer Kits which includes complete instructions, all necessary treatments to kill house pests in correct quantities and confront disguise/gloves. These kits also provide additional saving off the separate selling price of the items.

For further details and advice about all household pests, follow the helpful links below.

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