Yuri’s Revenge Strategy

Yuri’s Revenge Strategy

Yuris Revenge is one of my favorite games before, I just wanted to proportion some of my strategies in this game. I hope you will like it.

Setting: Three on three in Tour of Egypt.

Playing as Yuri

Early games

Do this as fast as you can and use your first four vehicles to find boxes while doing this. Remember that speed is the meaningful to win.

* Deploy the Yuris construction yard.
* Build bio reactor and satisfy the infantry unit.
* Build a two mining vehicles.
* Build the barracks then build cannons.
* Build the war factory built 5 more mining vehicles to continue financial stability.
* Build the psychic radar.
* After building the miners build 10 or more gatling tanks.
* Build 2 psychic tower in front of the base to protect any early attacks.
* Build more bio reactor.
* Build battle lab and build the genetic mutator.
* Build more mining vehicles. This is important in the middle game.

Middle games

Preparing for battle. In this part you need to know the kind of defense of your enemy in addition as the target for you to prepare the defense.

* Build five or more master minds.
* Build the psychic dominator.
* Activate the genetic mutator in you own miners. satisfy some of your brute into bio reactor. Always do this every time the genetic mutator is ready. Brutes can also help in your attacks or in destroying the miner vehicles of your enemy.
* This time you can now attack your enemy by using some of your master mind and gatling tanks, and your first four tanks. Remember that the best time to attack the enemy is when they are not however building a strong defense and whoever attacks first usually wins.
* Destroy the defense of the enemy and control their tanks trough the master mind. Remember to always retreat your master mind when controlling units. Controlling more units can destroy the master mind.

Later games

Later in the game when the ore gets scarce every unit counts. When the ore runs out and it takes longer and longer to build more units, this is the time of the best strategy to win.

* Built more master minds and deploy it as a defense for your teammates, sometimes Yuri is more effective as defense in later games.
* Activate your psychic dominator in mining factory of the enemy this is to have an advantage in money.
* Create a Yuri chief and Let your allied ally to build 1 more barracks then control it.
* Then create a Yuri Cloning Vats and create many rocketeers.
* continue the strategy. Focus in generating more golds as you continually create more master mind and roketeers then attack in perfect time.

Well, that is the strategy. I guess that the best strategy is attained from experience. It is depending on whom you are playing with.

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