Why Insurance Agencies Should Create Insurance Website Resource Librar…

Why Insurance Agencies Should Create Insurance Website Resource Librar…

Your insurance agency likely has many things of value to offer, and probably wants to proportion at the minimum some of these things with prospects and clients. If so, your agency should consider creating a powerful Insurance Agency Website Resource Library. Website resource libraries provide a great opportunity for businesses, by providing a cost-effective platform to proportion information which can attract prospects, and enhance client retention.

What is a Website Resource Library?

Think of an Insurance Agency Website Resource Library as a content center, consisting of documents, templates, resource links, digital tools, FAQs, marketing materials and other important information. The goal of this insurance content center is to enhance information sharing with employees, clients and prospects.

Types of Content Used

There are hundreds of content types that might be offered in an Insurance Agency Website Resource Library, ranging from best practices recommendations to marketing collateral. Lets review some of the more traditional content types that an insurance agency might offer in their library. These include, but are not limited to:

Best Practices (risk, damage prevention, healthcare compliance, etc.) Blog Posts Case Studies Claims Forms Educational Articles FAQs Important Website Links Infographics Insurance Forms News Product Brochures Regulatory Updates Social Media Profiles (and Groups) Videos and Recorded Webinars These are just a few types of the content that can be shared with employees, clients and prospects. A website resource library allows insurance agencies and brokers to decide what content they want shared, and helps them organize how they want to proportion this content.

Improving Your Content Organization

Resource libraries help agencies better organize all of their content. In some ways, it acts as a forcing function. By creating a central repository, its faster and easier for employees to locate and add content, as they know where to go to find the content, while making it easier to add or post. instead of searching by server folders, or visiting multiple pages across your website (assuming the content they need has already been posted), employees can find everything quickly, in one easy to search digital venue. For client specific content, or content that contains some of your secret sauce, you can require a password, for those specific files, or divided your library between prospect (for general content) and client easy to reach content.

Benefits of a Resource Library

Allows the agency to showcase their skill Can be used to extend your brand Easier to find, search and access information Helps Producers access and proportion your marketing materials Improved website stickiness It can help you grow your opt-in email list Makes it easy to proportion information on social media Motivates agency employees to produce more, quality content​ If your agency has not however produced an Insurance Website Resource Library, consider adding this initiative to next years marketing plan. Those agencies which without the internal resources to create this library, can consider outsourcing this initiative to a proficient insurance agency marketing firm.

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