Why Bamboo Home Elements Are an Investment in the Home

Why Bamboo Home Elements Are an Investment in the Home

There are plenty of reasons why bamboo is best for home renovations. Not only is it an eco-friendly material, it truly performs better than other options. Thats why many are choosing bamboo cabinets, floors and more to build their homes.

However there are many other benefits to bamboo. Before choosing a wood option, it pays to learn more about bamboo and consider it as a viable option that will increase the homes value with ease.

Strength – Its been proven that bamboo is as strong as some forms of steel and in some situations it carries the strength of concrete. Shockingly, just an inch of bamboo easily holds up to 7 1/2 tons of weight. Compression and tensile strength of a popular wood for building, Douglas Fir, paled in comparison to that of bamboo in recent studies. Bamboo is also harder than oak and or maple in most situations.

Indoor Air – the quality of indoor air can be greatly improved by using bamboo cabinet and flooring options. When minimally treated they can easily resist mold and mildew in their natural state. Most cabinets are treated for easy cleaning and that adds a inner of protection in addition. So home owners will be able to breathe easy knowing they are securing quality indoor air.

In addition, bamboo cabinets wont absorb moisture, or expand. This gives them an advantage in wetness inclined areas like around a sink, near a fridge or in a bathroom.

Termite Resistance – Termites are a scary concept for most home owners. Testing has proven that termites absolutely refuse to eat bamboo, already in its natural state. That is a bonus that most homeowners love, and it has them choosing bamboo cabinets over all others.

rare – Bamboo cabinets are often mistaken for wood, but are easily recognizable to the trained eye by the linear grain. They are easily set except wood and are becoming very popular within the home. This lets the home owner be original or the first on the block to have bamboo. Then they can brag about how eco-friendly it is and how theyre doing their part to save the planet.

Easy to continue – bamboo cabinets are fairly easy to care for. One cant go wrong with regular oiling or sealing. This will ensure the long-lasting beauty of the bamboo. For regular clean up a warm, soapy water and a soft cloth will do the trick every time.

Stained Options- If a particular stained finish is desired, bamboo can be stained! Though its a grass and not wood it nevertheless holds the stain well and will have a beautiful finish. So if the home owner wants a cherry finish for a bamboo cabinet it can be achieved.

Just be careful if the staining isnt being done by someone experienced, as bamboo has a inclination to stain unevenly and be difficult to match. Its smart to do a test identify just to be safe.

Stylish – Perhaps the most important bonus to choosing a bamboo cabinet or flooring is that its extremely stylish, and has only attained in popularity over the last 10 years. The desire for bamboo is expected to increase over the coming years; so now is the time to get it for less.

The most popular style for bamboo cabinets is shaker, home owners will unprotected to a modern look in the kitchen or bathroom. There are four different formations of bamboo and each gives a different look. They are Vertical grain, horizontal grain, end grain and strand woven. This gives the buyer a few options to consider, and often they end up preferring one over the other.

in spite of of the kind chosen, the bamboo cabinets or flooring is sure to stand the test of time and offer many years of enjoyment.

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