Why Asbestos Was Considered the Ultimate Building Material

Why Asbestos Was Considered the Ultimate Building Material

Asbestos is a deadly cancer causing building material which was banned in the 1980s. This article explains why it was considered the building surprise material.

Asbestos is fire resistant.

The dangers of asbestos were noted by the Romans and Greeks. It wasnt called asbestos back then. Throughout history people have noted garments that were cleaned by placing them in a fire. It is thought these garments were made from the material we now know as asbestos.

People also had rugs and mats that could be cleaned by throwing them in the fire.

Asbestos is strong.

There is no modern different obtainable for asbestos sheeting that is as strong as asbestos. Asbestos cement sheeting is very strong when compared to modern alternatives. Notice all those asbestos sheds and fences nevertheless standing they are at the minimum thirty years old. The only drawback to old asbestos is that it decays releasing fibres into your home or backyard.

Asbestos is mould, mildew and fungus resistant.

Asbestos cement sheeting has a very high resistance to biological attack such as mould, mildew, bacteria and fungus. The pin like structure of the asbestos fibre pops cells that try to consume it. Human lungs suffer the same problem they cant encapsulate the fibre and the fibre causes irritation to the lung which can ultimately rule to cancer.

Asbestos is light.

There is no other material that is as light or as strong as asbestos. Despite all modern technology advances a replace asbestos has in addition to be found.
varied of use.

An asbestos cement sheet could be used as a roof, a fence, a wall. Asbestos was used in brake pads, toasters, hairdryer and already insulation. There were over three thousand asbestos cement sheeting products.
Ease of installation.

Asbestos sheets could be carried by hand and simply nailed onto a wooden frame. There nevertheless is no faster way to put up a house wall.

So youve got a light, strong, fire resistant, biological attack resistant building material thats easy to use what could be the problem? The problem is that it kills. It has been responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and it can take thirty years for the disease symptoms to appear.

Asbestos exposure is like smoking where increasing exposure levels rule to increasing chance of getting cancer. So one small exposure to asbestos might not kill you in thirty years time it could so why take the risk.

There is a story of a wife who used to wash her husbands clothes after work, he worked in asbestos mine. The wife got lung cancer caused by asbestos and the husband didnt. Its all a lottery, so use your safety equipment when doing removals and you wont be forced to buy that lotto ticket.

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