What Is the Point of Recycling Waste?

What Is the Point of Recycling Waste?

Having just watched an explosive documentary on the criminal elements behind the dumping of waste in New South Wales and Queensland one must ask the question. Millions of dollars are being made by rogue companies who collect waste and use private similarities to dump it. On one site alone more than a million tons of waste was dumped on an old golf course and more is coming daily. Other sites include abandoned coal mines, and such.

Most people take pride in recycling plastic, paper, and glass in the bins provided by councils. The recycling collection truck has a sign on it that so many plastic bottles will provide enough energy to strength a home for six hours. This makes us feel good about making sure we do the right thing.

After the exposure of what truly happens to that waste in NSW makes me nervous about what happens to it in the Australian Capital Territory and in other places. Mountains of glass shards are not recycled but stored in huge plastic bags and shipped to Melbourne where they are stored in warehouses. The price for it has dropped from $200 a tonne to $25 making it too expensive to sell on.

So what is all about? Where are the governments and the ecosystem Protection Authority (EPA) while this is going on? There are rogue elements in all areas of the government and local authorities and many whistle blowers fear for their safety as so much money is involved.

With mountains of material ranging from asbestos to industrial waste and mounds of plastic the size of the clean-up of these dumping grounds grows daily. enormous fines must be imposed to help pay for it. Meanwhile we will be asking the question of what is the point of recycling waste?

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