What Are Today’s Current Mortgage Rates – Is it Better to Get a 30 Yea…

What Are Today’s Current Mortgage Rates – Is it Better to Get a 30 Yea…

Todays Mortgage Rates: (Texas)

30-Year Fixed Rate 6.375% 6.606%

20-Year Fixed Rate 6.375% 6.680%

15-Year Fixed Rate 5.875% 6.252%

5-Year ARM Rate 5.750% 5.740%

Texas Jumbo Home Loans – Amounts that go beyond conforming loan limits $417,000. Remember a jumbo mortgage loan is a home loan that exceeds $417,000. Usually, if the client has good enough credit, Id like to do an 80/20 or an 80/15 to keep the first lien under $417,000.

However todays jumbo mortgage rates are:

40/30 Fixed-Rate Balloon 8.250% 8.404%

30-Year Fixed 7.750% 7.913%

15-Year Fixed 6.625% 6.875%

Remember, good economic news tends to make mortgage rates go up and bad economic news tends to make mortgage rates go down.

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For example, right after 9-11-the economy took a major hit. And mortgage rates when down to the 4% range; sparking the refinance expansion.

Lately, there have been several positive economic reports such as a .9% increase in the GDP. So guess what mortgage rates did-they went up? Good economic news, mortgage rate go up…

If you are thinking of buying or refinancing a home, this is a great time as mortgage rate might continue to go up. We also help people do home equity cash out refinancing on investment character.

If you would like to refinance an investment character or pull equity (cash out) out of your investment home please complete this mortgage application.

Or call us at 512-996-8194 and lets discuss your goals. Theres never an obligation to speak to us and well already send you a free copy of your credit report.

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