VGA Cable – The Facts

VGA Cable – The Facts

Although HDMI cables are the standard when it comes to connecting a computer monitor to a PC, many individuals who are using older elements may find that their monitor or computer simply does not sustain this new technology. Older monitors are generally designed for a DVI or VGA cable. Unfortunately, replacing a VGA cable is not as simple as purchasing the least expensive unit that a person can find since there are different versions which are capable of delivering different resolution. It is also important for a person to decide whether or not they need additional EMI shielding in order to deliverer the best signal possible.

Shielding is often considered to be one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a VGA cable. Like other types of cables, a VGA cable is prone to interference from other electrical devices or cables which can disrupt the information that is being transmitted. While already the cheapest of cables will offer some basic shielding, a person looking for the highest quality image should consider purchasing a cable that offers the highest level of shielding that they can provide. This will generally average double or already triple shielded cables.

A basic rule provides adequate resolution up to 640×480. A higher resolution monitor may average that a person should consider purchasing an SVGA cable which is capable of delivering an 800×600 resolution or possibly already an XGA cable which approaches true high definition at 1024×768. An important thing to keep in mind is that these cables are all interchangeable which method that an individual can use an XGA cable already if their monitor does not sustain the higher resolution that this cable is capable of delivering. Of course, it is not usually a good idea to use more on a higher resolution cable if it is not necessary.

One of the reasons that an HDMI cable is superior to a VGA cable is that HDMI is capable of delivering both audio and video signals. VGA, however, requires an individual also use a separate cable to transmit audio to their monitor or their external speakers. While this may not be a huge issue if an individual is simply connecting a desktop computer to their monitor, it is something to be aware of if a person is upgrading their elements. One of the benefits to VGA cables is that they are comparatively inexpensive and long-lasting.

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