Ultrasonic Fogger: A Wonderful Machine!

Ultrasonic Fogger: A Wonderful Machine!

Ultrasonic fogger works on the rule of using ultrasonic sound groups that helps in breaking water into billions and millions of individual droplets. These droplets are then sprayed or released into the air as fog. The irony is that this device does not use heat or does not include any boiling course of action to create fog. consequently, the fog consequently produced is often found to be cold and faintly wet.

This small device consists of of a shell made by plastic, it has an inbuilt AC/DC adapter and also a transducer plate which is metallic and ultrasonic. To create fog, this device is placed beneath four to five inches of water level and then the sensor activates the metallic plate. The transducer which has ultrasonic groups vibrates at a fast pitch and effectively breaks up the water molecules into millions of droplets which are then finally vaporized when it comes into contact with air and thick fog is formed.

Ultrasonic device is used in many fields. It is proved to be very advantageous to the agriculturists to control pests. The foggers spray the insecticides like pyrethroids and pyrethrins which help to control many pests that attack the crops. When insecticides is additional to the water and sprayed it helps to control the pests.In the same way, when nutrient solutions are additional to the water it helps the crops to grow. consequently, it can be said that they are a great help to the farmers.

This wonderful machine is also used during Halloween celebrations as a substitute to dry ice. They are used by the movie makers to create fog during song sequences or special scenes which necessitate the need of thick fog. In dance clubs, for landscaping and special home decorations people make use of this device. They are also used in greenhouses owing to their capacity to create the necessary level of humidity which is highly advantageous for seed germination and plant growth.

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