Types of Drunk Driving Accidents

Types of Drunk Driving Accidents

A huge proportion of road accidents are associated with drunk driving. The ironic thing, however, is that the drunk driver would oftentimes appear from the accident unscathed while the innocent bystander or driver would sustain a great degree of injury. In fact, some of these injuries are so fatal that they can cause instantaneous death. While the authorities have never been remiss in their duties of informing the public that drinking and driving does not go well together, nevertheless drunk driving accidents continue to happen.

There are many types of drunk driving accidents. One of the most shared, however, is excessive means speed. At times, these happen when two drunk drivers on separate vehicles begin to taunt each other on who is the better driver. At this time, they may unconsciously begin a race of sorts in the middle of a busy street or highway. It will not take long until one of them will crash into an innocent means. Naturally, this kind of driving would be accompanied by reckless abandon, as if they are the only vehicles on the road.

Another kind of drunk driving accident happens when the drunk driver fails to stop at a red light. With the traffic on the intersecting road on complete throttle, you can be sure that the means of the drunk driver would surely become something akin to a metal stopper, with cars in opposite directions hitting it. Driving in dangerous weather while under the influence of liquor is also another cause of drunk driving accident. Naturally, the alcohol would affect the driver’s faculties, resulting in the impairment of his ability to make effective decisions.

Other forms of drunk driving accidents include rear-end and front end collisions. If you had ever been an innocent victim in one of these types of accidents and had consistent some degree of injury, it would be a good idea to consult an DUI accident lawyer right away so that you can take the next appropriate legal steps. Depending on the degree of injuries you consistent, your lawyer may require the offender to pay for your hospitalization and other expenses. As a matter of fact, your lawyer can require the offender to also pay for minor point damages you suffered like missing out on an important flight, or causing you to be absent from work for several days.

If the offender professes that he does not have a huge amount of money to pay for all the damages he caused, your lawyer can find ways on how to get your due. In such case, your lawyer can always claim damages from the insurance agency of the drunk driver.

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