Trumpets of the Last Judgement

Trumpets of the Last Judgement

Manifold are the interpretations and understandings of the concept of the last Trumpet when the dead shall be raised. To understand this we must follow the grand plan of the book of revelations which discusses it. And the only work that can give us the basis of understanding is the work In The Light Of Truth The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin. by this, certain misplaced signposts will be put back.

The book of revelations can be divided into five major parts:
1. Introduction and letters to the churches
2. Opening of the seals
3. Sounding of the trumpets
4. Pouring of the wrath of God
5. Postscript: The Millennium and beyond.

Interspersed within these are explanatory visions that permeates the past, present and future.

The opening of the seals, which is closely connected with the writing of the Grail Message (the book of seven seals), started during the nineteen twenties. Before this, the Fatima prophecies had to first come to alert mankind of what is coming. Too bad the messages from the radiated picture of the Primordial Queen is being hoarded and distorted.

The aim is to warn mankind of the impending judgment. The eldest of them, Lucia dos Santos, was told to announce the third Fatima prophecy at the beginning of the trumpet sounds during the early sixties. But she was never allowed to.

The opening of the seals resulted in upheaval-natural disasters, The 1929 economic crash, the second world war, and so much more. At the same time a new spiritual knowledge entered the world that explained creation and brought the road map to salvation.

According to the book of revelations, closest the last seal was opened, seven angels with seven trumpets stepped forward to blow their trumpets. This was preceded by an earthquake (Chile earthquake of the early sixties?). At the blowing of the trumpets, the catastrophes that happened at the opening of the seals intensified. So much that shook the world-the 9-11crisis and its accompanying war on terror and increased suicide bombing, the 2008 economic meltdown that resulted in ouster protests in many countries and occupy protests in many others plus the Greek debt crisis-all these are but the trumpet sounds warning us that when the angels will pour out the wrath of the almighty, a much higher trouble awaits mankind. As at now, as the sixth trumpets rages, the angels of wrath are taking position for the final onslaught. And the last trumpet will be accompanied by an earthquake and hailstone falling from the sky.

People misunderstand what the last trumpet is all about. It is the turn up of the Sign of the Son of Man as recorded by Mathew, when, according to him, all the kings of the earth will wail. It ushers in a period of tribulation that has never happened since the world began, nor will it ever happen again. It is the coming comet prophesied by various prophets. It is also the time when, according to Islamic lore, the Mahdi will come with Isa to cleanse the world of evil. It is also the period of the yoga in Hindu lore. Of the time no body can predict with accuracy. Hence the grand planetary alliance of 2012 which coincides with the mayan end date may only indicate that the time is very near. But he who trusts in the almighty will be helped and protected during the purification.

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