Top Reasons to Consider the Asus Zenfone for Your Next Buy

One of the biggest advantages Asus mobiles offer its users is its attractive pricing. This extremely value for money phones provide characterize high solutions for communication and entertainment.

The Asus Zenfone 5 for example, comes with the following remarkable features –

5″ HD Screen

Dual Micro SIM card slots

1.6 GHz Intel Atom Dual chief processor with Hyper-Threading

8 MP Rear Camera and with a 2 MP Front Camera with Flash

2110 mAh non-removable battery

8 GB Internal storage along with 64 GB Expandable memory by a Micro SD card slot


3G, Bluetooth, 802.11n Wi-Fi

Micro USB

GPS and FM Radio

A 1-Year Warranty.

meaningful Advantages of Investing in an Asus Zenfone

Zenfones are among the best value for money smartphones in the market and most characterize-high too. Here are a few leading features that make these phones the best buy –

The quality of the HD screens in the Zenfones are much more superior than the complete HD screens that you will find in other smart phones. In addition to this, the phones are extremely responsive to touch, are soft and easy to use.

A shared problem people confront when travelling to colder or rainy places is using the screen with gloves. The glove mode makes it easier for users to manager the phone during all weathers when the glove is on hand.

The many shortcuts, features and customization capabilities offered on the Zen UI by Asus is also unparalleled. Asus offers regular updates to make sure that your phone roles at its best. A recent update also worked on improving battery performance.

It is uncommon to find a smart phone that offers 2GB RAM at such a low price.
This makes the phone ideal for multi-tasking. Furthermore, the inbuilt RAM booster app also helps enhance the performance more.

Asus Zenfone users are also extremely impressed with its ability to catch signal reception in many far away corners. The in-call speakers are loud and the voice clarity is also extremely high making it an ideal phone to connect with your car speakers or if you are expected to use the loud speakers often.

For those who rely on their phones for music, the phone comes with an equalizer where you can change your settings from Music Mode in the Audio Wizard

The camera quality of the phone is extremely impressive already in low light areas. When using the selfie mode, you can take a selfie also using the main camera. What many users love is the time rewind mode that takes more than one photos 2 seconds before and 1 second after clicking. This is ideal when you want to choose from a list of great photos and save the best one. This mode is ideal when shooting pictures of moving objects, children, birds and animals.

Unlike most other smartphones, only 3GB is used by the OS leaving the rest of space for storage and applications.

If you are used to reading e-books on your phone, the reading mode makes the background duller, allowing you to continue reading for hours together.

A major advantage that Asus provides over other Android phones is that it has made the Kernel source code an open one.

If you plan to gift this phone to an older family member, the Easy Mode offers a front screen with larger icons and fonts.

This phone is also ideal if you use your weekend exploring the sand dunes and desserts outside of UAE. The magnetic compass helps you make the most of your time outdoors.

Furthermore, this phone comes with the latest Android OS, the Jelly Bean V4.3 and is upgradable to the V4.4.2 Kit Kat version in addition. When compared with the One Plus One, these phones offer a better design. While this choice may be a subjective one, the ZenFone 2 for example, looks like a blend between the HTC One M8 and the LG G2. With a brushed metal finish, you can enjoy the typical look that is elegant at a price that is unmatchable!

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