Tips For Before You go into The Cyprus character Market

Tips For Before You go into The Cyprus character Market

Buying a second house is what most people do these days. If you’re buying a piece of land or buying a character in Cyprus you’ll find it’s the best investment you’ll ever make or maybe your second.

But just how do you pay for your mortgage for that second home?

Well now a days renting has never been easier, and already if your not living in Cyprus you’ll find you won’t have any problems renting you holiday home out.

Infact in the peak time, you’ll make far more then you can think of, but the winter months can be a bit slow, but in most situations you should nevertheless break already for winter.

Must people think buying a second house is far out of there reach, but they don’t really know how easy it is to find the money for it.

It’s very simple real all you have to is the maths, If you Cyprus mortgage is 1000 euros a month, which works out to be around 750 pounds a month and you can rent you Cyprus character out for 1000 euros a week, well guess what your mortgage is covered, plus you have three additional weeks rent coming in.

Now you must understand that winter you might only get one or maybe two of a months rented out, and the rent is lot lower, infact the rent can be halved, so if you work it out a Cyprus winter (which is like a British Summer) last for around 4 months of the year, you would need to have your Cyprus character rented out two weeks a months for four months.

But don’t forget your going to make three times as much in the summer months. So if you worked it out over 12 month period you’d be around 6000 – 7000 euros in pocket, plus the price of your Cyprus character is going up.

So ask yourself a few questions here; Can I get this profit back in my ISA’s or my pension per year, plus a holiday home for your family? I don’t think so.

Instead of working harder, why don’t you start to work smarter and let your money do the hard work for you.

If you would to know more on have to invest in Cyprus similarities then try out, they’ll point you in the right direct and give you all the advice you need to buy your Cyprus character and show you how to rent it out the easy way.

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