The Various Problems of A Crawlspace Foundation

The Various Problems of A Crawlspace Foundation

The most shared of problems with crawlspace foundation is moisture and humidity, first and foremost. You will slowly notice that if a crawlspace is not properly and adequately ventilated, and if the built in area is seen to contain a lot of moisture than expected, then that moisture has very high chances to crawl its way into the crawlspace.

These kinds of hazards can rule to cause a rotten texture on the wooden floor of the crawlspace. This moisture is also capable of giving rise to things like mold and mildew in your crawlspace in addition.

Such problems are really a menace and a solution is much needed for them to avoid being victim to such problems.

Here are a few of the best repairing tips for these crawlspace foundation problems:

• THE decaying OF WOOD

Wood decay is basically the gradual decline of wood caused by one or many pieces of fungus. The fungus does the job of gulping down the definite parts of wood that leads to giving the wood a certain kind of strength and stiffness. This is one of the most unfortunate effects of a bad crawlspace and leads to some serious amount of damaging of the wood present in the house.


If it is not known to many, then first know that the crawlspace floor joist has a very big role to play in the construction of the house. A not very strong and considerably ineffective and a much damaged or a very over- covering floor joist can sort to need a lot of different types of repairs. There is however a solution present to resolve this crawlspace floor joist issue that is to first understand the exact kind of problem the floor is facing. This will give you the rule and make you discover the correct problem for the solution to take place.


A beam can either have a wood decay or a certain kind of termite damage. in any case it might be, there is some solution to confront these problems in addition. In the worst case scenario, the beams have to be replaced. This is said to be a very serious and dangerous course of action in addition and you should always make sure that the people you hire to do the work of substitute should be great professionals. It should be very clearly kept in mind that the replacing beam should be of the same size as the past one and should also have some additional docks or columns to sustain the beam.


There are certain homes where the crawlspace is too tight and small to crawl in. It should measure a minimum of 18 inches of clearance properly divided between the lower part of the floor joists and the dirt floor. This should be maintained because if the measurement of the crawlspace is not of an optimum size then it can again rule to wood decay which is one of the most tiresome problems of a crawlspace foundation.

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