The Third Eye, The Psychic Eye

The Third Eye, The Psychic Eye

Esoteric philosophy and tradition have long believed the psychic eye is the connection between the physical and spiritual world. The psychic eye is more commonly known as the “Third Eye”. For the psychic reader the third eye is bound to actuarial prediction and an increase in spiritual awareness. As the third eye is active, there is an ability to “see”; meaning an appreciation of energy fields at higher levels. The sight of the third eye is not the earthbound level of consciousness associated with self-identity. The third eye is active when consciousness is in a thorough state and separates from the physical.

Historically the third eye was mystical in character. The third eye has long been related to psychic reader ability. However, current science knows that the third eye is an actual physical entity. It is a gland, called the pineal gland. This is where inner vision springs from. As tiny as a pea, the pineal gland is thorough in the chief of the brain. The pineal gland derives its name from its shape which is much like a very small pine cone. The location of the gland is behind the eyes. Melatonin is produced by the gland; which is hormonal related and influences moods. Biorhythms of the body are also influenced by this gland.

The dominant activator of the pineal gland is light. The pineal gland has a direct working relationship with the hypothalamus gland. The pineal gland directs the biorhythms while the hypothalamus is the catalyst for dominant human needs such as hunger, thirst and our sexual excursion. Psychic readers believe this gland to be a powerful provider of celestial energy.

Mystery surrounds the development or awakening of the third eye for psychic reading. However, it is not magical. As it exists in every person, the third eye can be awakened. Like any spiritual journey, it is a course of action, requiring patience, training and belief. Activation of the third eye can take you to a place where you can visualize and see further than the physical state allows. For the psychic reader, development of the third eye will increase psychic abilities.

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