The Problem With Stink Bug Traps

The Problem With Stink Bug Traps

Stink bugs are a real problem in the eastern United States. I’ve experienced their pestilence first hand, living in Morris County, NJ. I rent a small house in Washington Township, NJ and consequently far have basically been forced to adjust to my lifestyle to bend to the bug invasion. During the spring and summer, this includes killing a stink bug about every 20 minutes when I live my house. It is an almost extremely nuisance.

First, I asked my landlord to do something about the problem, such as seal the house. Fat chance. Never heard back on that. So, I’m looking to buy my own place, but until then, I’ve been using a stink bug trap I purchased from Target. The trap is designed to work either indoors or outdoors. So far, the trap has been pretty useless. I’ve caught 2 bugs in about a month. I’ve had to kill hundreds of them manually, so the stink bug trap has been virtually empty of assistance for me.

If you are having problems with the bugs entering your house, and you are looking for a solution, I wouldn’t count on the traps doing the job for you. I’ve looked at a few reviews of these traps, and generally the reviews are not positive. One reviewer claimed to catch around 140 bugs in a associate of weeks with this trap, and they nevertheless thought that the reduction of stink bugs was nevertheless not meaningful enough to solve the problem. This illustrates how pervasive the problem is in the Eastern United States-a trap user catches over a hundred stink bugs in a short amount of time, and laments that the amount of bugs caught will not make much of a difference! (Perhaps is also indicates my positioning of the trap is not correct, so I’m going to try setting up the trap in other places, though I’m skeptical of the improvement this will bring).

If you are facing a stink bug problem, I think the most effective preventive action is to find a way to seal your house. Seal your windows and doors. If bugs can go into your house from the roof, foundation, basement, etc. seal those areas. If your house is well sealed, bugs will only be able to go into your house when your windows, doors etc. are open, which is a manageable problem.

If you can’t seal your house, or don’t have the money to seal the house thoroughly, it may be worth looking into getting a specialized to exterminate the bugs. Some pest control businesses have incorporated stink bug control into their repertoire, and I imagine the bugs have business blooming for them.

Until you solve your bug problem, the best way I have found to dispose of them is to capture them in a cup with a associate inches of rubbing alcohol. Once captured, they will die within a minute or two, and their odor will be reduced.

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