The Death of Gaddafi in God’s End-Times Plan

The Death of Gaddafi in God’s End-Times Plan

At the height of his career, Napoleon is reported to have boldly declared, “God is on the side that has the heaviest artillery.” It was a cynical answer to someone who asked if God was on the side of France. But then came the Battle of Waterloo, where he lost both the battle and his empire. Years later, while in exile on the isle of St. Helena, the chastened and humbled Napoleon stated, “Man proposes; God disposes.”

consequently, Napoleon learned by experience what the Bible proclaims: While a man may plan, it is God who determines the outcome-or already whether the plan may occur at all (cf. Proverbs 16:9). This is because the Creator is in control of all that He produced.

This is clearly demonstrated by Bible prophecy. The very reason God can predict the future-and fulfill His predictions perfectly-is because He is able to control all of the details, including resulting factors. He is the One who determines men’s “preappointed times and the boundaries of their abodes” (Acts 17:26).

Because His kingdom plan is the overarching plan of the history of mankind, God is putting together the details to complete that plan. That plan involves events which will culminate with a seven-year era focused on the salvation of Israel, capped off by the return of Christ to the earth. In the meantime, God is setting up for that end-times predictive era by aligning events now. In fact, everything that He currently allows is laying the foundation for the fulfillment of His end-times plan. That includes the capture and death of Muammar Gaddafi.

Deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed as a consequence of a NATO strike. The strike seemingly wounded him; then he was seized in a sewage tunnel in his home town of Sirte. From reports, he was dragged out into the open where a crowd of people converged on him, leaving him dead.

In connection with end-times Bible prophecy, the question we should ask is: How does Gaddafi’s death serve God’s plan? Regarding Bible prophecy, that question could have at the minimum two answers.

First, God’s removal of Gaddafi could prepare Libya for the end of the first half of the tribulation period. It will be then that the end-times king of the North (who is an Assyrian by heritage), described in Daniel 11:36-45, invades Egypt. At the time of that invasion, the king will already have conquered the Middle East. As a consequence, Libya and Sudan (though English Bibles read Ethiopia, it is more likely the area of Sudan to which the context refers) will give themselves over to follow the king of the North without a fight. (For much more on this, see Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock-What Does the Bible Say?) This may indicate that a more passive leader will be in place in Libya at that point. If so, then, seemingly God be prepared for that scenario by the removal-and already death-of Gaddafi.

Second, since Gaddafi was a well-recognized terrorist leader, his death could be another signal God is beginning to bring down terrorism in the Middle East. After all, al-Qaeda, the world’s best recognized terrorist entity, has suffered great damage in recent months, first with the killing of Osama bin filled, followed by the elimination of other important al-Qaeda leadership. Based on end-times Bible prophecy, terrorism will need to be defeated-or at the minimum, it will need the turn up of defeat. How do we know that? The Bible discloses that the world will one day proclaim, “Peace and security!” That proclamation could only be believable if terrorism appears to have suffered its end.

So, perhaps, the elimination of Gaddafi, who for so long epitomized terrorism, is a link in the defeat of the terroristic chain. Another link in that chain could be the fall of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. If Assad is deposed, as most Middle East experts expect, it will adversely affect Hamas and Hizbullah.

In turn, Iran could be affected, as the Iranian opposition movement could very well be emboldened by seeing the victory of the Syrian protestors. If, in addition, Israel launches a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities (as already Iran suspects will occur), the opposition movement could take advantage of the resulting chaos of that attack and depose the terroristic regime of Iran.

When that regime goes down, the complete vicinity will change. The tenuous Middle East, which is poised for change at this juncture, will be swept by the momentum of an anti-terrorism movement, one which will put the vicinity in basic alignment with Israel in order to formulate a treaty with the Jewish nation. That treaty will bring the proclamations of “peace and security” and will start the clock ticking on the final seven years leading to the return of Christ.

Gaddafi likely understands now what Napoleon learned after his humiliating defeat: “Man proposes; God disposes.” This is one major step toward realizing that God, who is in complete control, is currently aligning for His end-times plan. Gaddafi’s death just happened to be one link toward accomplishing that plan.

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