The Best Target Market in the World for Annuity Sales

The Best Target Market in the World for Annuity Sales

Want to sell more annuities? Want to have unlimited prospects? Want to stop conservation on transfers? Want to reduce your future service commitments? Want to sell annuities without concern over the prospect changing their minds?

If you answered yes to these questions, listen up.

The money in selling annuities is selling them to people who have very little money. Think about it for a minute, who is after the high and monied prospect… everyone! Look at all the marketing companies and their slick software programs and their beautiful charts, their system for converting the prospect to a client. I say this to them…not a chance in the world, not now, not never.

As a matter of fact, if I find a prospect out of my target market I refuse to talk to them. I have a specific target market and I only work in that part. Who is the target market and how do we access them?

If you draw a 5 mile course of action around where you are right now, you will have more prospects in that area than you can ever see. Guaranteed!

The target market to work is people with limited assets. By definition it is those with $200,000 or less in obtainable assets. Never go over that formula and you can make tons of annuity sales. Ask yourself why? Why this market? The answer is simple, this target market needs the benefits annuities provide. Safety and guarantees plus he contractual features that only annuities can provide.

Then do this… never take money from a bank for an annuity! Never! Help your clients get the best rate possible for their bank deposits. So what money do you move to annuities?

Easy, take the money invested in risk categories. Take the money over invested in the stock market and being managed by the stock broker. Take the easy money.

Most brokers will over-invest this category of client in risk and if you move a portion of it back to safety and security you will be doing the client a favor. Theyll be happy and so will you.

Here is a very easy way of calculating the portion of assets to be in safe obtain allocation.

Begin with the number 100

Subtract their attained age (example) 75

Difference is 25

The 25% is the portion for risk and the 75% is the portion for safety. This very simple formula is easy to understand and easy for your prospect to visualize. Sell annuities for the benefits they provide and it becomes an easy way to reach the best clients in the world.

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