The Best Astrologer For You – Three Tips For Choosing One

The Best Astrologer For You – Three Tips For Choosing One

The Best Astrologer for You — Three Tips for Choosing One

Best astrologers may seem hard to find. Having someone look at your birth chart is a little like giving them a peak of your soul, your innermost, private self. There’s good reason for caution and for being selective about who gets to look at the inner you. I’ve provided the following tips to help you find the best astrologer to whom you can relate and feel confident about giving access to the personal information revealed in your horoscope.

1. Get Referrals — Just like all sets from choosing a personal physician, a hairdresser, mechanic, plumber, or an employee — being referred to an astrologer by someone you know and trust increases your confidence.

2. Sample an astrologer’s readings:

*If the astrologer you are interested in has a website – visit it.

*If sample astrology readings are provided on the website read a few on subjects that interest you like a romantic compatibility horoscope reading, a career/vocational astrology reading, etc. observe: most of these samples will be from computerized readings, not live, personal readings.

*If the friend who referred you to an astrologer has a reading ask if you can listen to or read all or part of the reading. Also, ask your friend what he/she has applied from the reading and how that has been helpful. An astrology reading or horoscope examination is only helpful if it is actionable — if there are actions for you to take that if taken, will enhance your life already in a small way. Positive action rules!

3. Interview astrologers you’re referred to or read about

Some good questions include:

*What is your basis for astrology and which astrologers do you most admire and why?

*Do you have any training or background in human psychology/human dynamics? If so what is your training and/or background.

*How does astrology help you in your personal life?

Finding the best astrologer for you can be fun. Remember to always use your own intuition in addition to the tips listed here. In a future article I’ll give tips on applying intuition to choosing the best astrologer and getting the best astrology reading for you. Here’s to you and your own best astrologer!

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