Taking Care of Dry and Oily Hair

Taking Care of Dry and Oily Hair

Today, hair treatment is studied as a subject in cosmetic centers and medical schools. A methodic therapy is required to make your hair look nourished. The three main stages involved are cleansing, toning, and conditioning. As there are various types of hair textures such as oily, normal, and dry, treatment should be different for each kind.

Treatment for oily hair: Your hair becomes excessively oily due to the trapping of oil in the pores present in the scalp. consequently stripping off this excessive oil becomes necessary. So you may attempt some of these products:

a) A combination of amla , shikakai, and triphala which is known as a natural shampoo.

b) Soap nuts i.e. reetha is also a fine material for conditioning hair. You can soak them in water overnight and mash them in the morning. Let the water drain away and add a teaspoon of shikakai with the gel.

c) Massage your hair with a toning lotion once in two weeks. A teaspoon of malt vinegar mixed with salt in a glass of water is a good toning lotion. After applying it on your scalp leave it for about an hour.

Treatment for dry hair: Dry hair is usually thin and rough in structure. It easily gets tangled and has splits at the end of the hair fiber. consequently an oil massage is required. Some of the therapies that are practiced at home are given below and after applying them they are rinsed with water.

a) An egg mixed with skimmed milk is whipped till foam is formed and then applied on the hair.

b) A blend of castor oil, glycerin, vinegar and a herbal shampoo can be applied.

c) A teaspoon of lavender oil mixed with coconut oil is heated at a low temperature and then applied.

After attempting the above mentioned tips for hair treatment your hair will look glowing and healthy. consequently when you present yourself in your social course of action you will appear neat and impressive.

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