Stride Well Elliptical Secret Rehabilitation Workout Machine Review

Stride Well Elliptical Secret Rehabilitation Workout Machine Review

When you need to have a rehabilitation program that requires a low impact complete body exercise the Lamar Stide Well 4450 is your solution.

This seated quadrilateral elliptical machine proved an incredibly easy workout machine for those folks who needed an easy entrance and exit workout machine.

Many other commercial fitness machines on the market do not have the easy glide entry that this machine has which makes this a popular choice for medical rehabilitation centers across the country.

In addition to their easy entry and exit the Stride Well 4450 also has a true elliptical foot motion with 12 inch stride length.

The Stride Well is a recumbent elliptical that also provides a synchronized are exercise in addition.

The Stride Well 4450 also have over 16 different levels of resistance and 9 user programs that vary from a manual program to rolling hills to fat burning to cardio workout.

Along with a complete backlit LCD digital monitor that displays such information as distance traveled and calories burned, the Stridewell 4450 also has a maximum client user weight of 350 lbs. 

The only downside I found with the Stride Well 4450 was the price tag which varies around $4000 brand new. So a suggestion would be to look for used fitness equipment remanufacturers.

In fact some used exercise equipment remanufacturers truly sell some items brand new at drastically reduced prices.

Just make sure you are dealing with a reputable company, call them up and make sure you talk to their customer service department and ask if they have their own used exercise equipment repair service.

This way you can make sure if you ever need your Stride Well 4450 you have a place to go to get the fitness machine fixed.

This Stride Well 4450 proved to be a top ranking fitness machine and would make a great addition to any health club or rehabilitation center.

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