Starcraft 2 Protoss 1v1 Guide – Quick Tips For More Wins

Starcraft 2 Protoss 1v1 Guide – Quick Tips For More Wins

In this quick Starcraft 2 Protoss 1v1 Guide, I will be discussing the best strategies to use versus each race. Read on to discover the best way to win more games as Protoss!

Vs. Other Protoss Players

One of the best strategies to use in a mirror match (Protoss vs Protoss) is to get a combination of Zealots, Sentries, and Immortals. Do not give the enemy an opportunity to build any Void Rays and there will be no need to worry about getting anti-air units.

Build 2 Gateways and start pumping out Zealots and Sentries. Go in when you have a dozen units total. From there, keep pressure up and build Immortals. Make sure your Zealots and Sentries cover for your Immortals and do not let enemy units get too close to your large units. Zealots and Sentries punish any Protoss ground combination (except for Colossi), and your Immortals will be able to chew up any Colossi and Stalkers.

Vs. Terran Players

Against Terran players, you will need to quickly go for Colossi and Immortals. Terran players will without exception start with either Reapers or MMM (Marines, Marauders, and Medivacs, though Medivacs may not always be present). Either of these unit combination will chew up Zealots as Reapers are very fast and Marauders have an attack which slows afflicted units. You will need to get Colossi to kill MMM quickly, and you will need Immortals later in the game to kill any Siege Tanks additional to the mix.

The longer the game runs on, the more Immortals you will need. Stop building Colossi if the Terran player stops building Marines; keep building Colossi if Marines stay common. Remember that Vikings cannot attack Immortals unless they land, Immortals quickly demolish Vikings on the ground, and Stalkers are very effective versus flying Vikings.

Dark Templar can also be used to supplement your army later in the game. Just remember that the meaningful point of this Starcraft 2 Protoss 1v1 guide is that the Immortal and Colossus are the units that will allow you to win versus Terran players.

vs. Zerg Players

Against Zerg players, you will be best off building an early biological army consisting of Zealots and Sentries. You will then need to adjust your game plan based off what the enemy is building. If the enemy is going Roaches, get a few Immortals. Two or three Immortals can take out an complete army of Roaches!

If the enemy is massing Hydralisks (a very shared strategy), you will need a few Colossi. You may need to get a few Stalkers to protect your Colossi from Corruptors at this point (keep an eye on what the enemy is building). If the enemy builds Mutalisks, know that the Phoenix is extremely effective versus light air units like the Mutalisk.

In short, if the enemy has Hydralisks and Corruptors, build Colossi, Stalkers, and Sentries. If the enemy has Roaches, Hydralisks, or other ground units without air sustain, build Immortals, Colossi, Zealots, and Sentries. If the enemy has mostly air units, build Stalkers, Sentries, and a few Phoenixes.

Against Zerg players there is not a sure-fire plan I can commit to in this Starcraft 2 Protoss 1v1 guide; you will need to adapt based off of what the enemy is doing.

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