Sony Ericsson W850i – Revel in the Sound of Music!

Sony Ericsson W850i – Revel in the Sound of Music!

If music keeps your adrenalin high and beats rules your everyday life, then Sony Ericsson W850i is the phone just for you. The mobile is the eighth phone under Sony’s Walkman series and continues to build on the success of its predecessors. The 3G W850i is a slider phone – first of its kind in the Walkman series and enabled with improvement features to get you into the groove. It offers a rare control system, 2 Megapixels camera and an all new Walkman interface.

Sony Ericsson W850i is the first phone in the Walkman series to use the updated version of Sony Ericsson’s proprietary music software, version 2.0. This comes with some welcome features, headed by a rapid new look. Another noteworthy characterize that has been additional to the software is Sony Ericsson’s new download service PlayNow. This service works on the same principal as that of iTunes, where it allows the users to first listen to the tracks and then download music. And nevertheless that’s not the end. The software is enabled with album art sustain. Further, features like TrackID and A2DP add more zing to the musical experience with SE W850i.

In terms of sound quality, Sony Ericsson W850i is as good as its predecessors of the Walkman series. The mobile comes with earphones, whose sound is crisp and warm, while the bass remains effective. The headphones include an adapter which allows a standard 3.5mm headphone jack to be used. additionally, one can also customize the tracks using five band equaliser or the four presets including Sony’s proprietary Mega Bass.

It seems that excitement is encased in every aspect of form and functionality in Sony Ericsson W850i . consequently, already its design evokes a kind of fervour that attracts the music lovers. To start the Walkman application, there is a large orange button directly underneath the screen. Pressing it opens the music player that illuminates with a bright orange backlight. When the player is not active, the buttons have a more sedate and soft white backlight.

Other entertainment characterize of Sony Ericsson W850i include an FM radio and video player. The video player is enriched with application such as VideoDJ, PhotoDJ and Music DJ. Also, there is a far away control and sound recording roles. Further, Bluetooth, infrared and USB connectivity are all part of the SE W850i.

Sony Ericsson w850i

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