Six Ways to enhance Your Company’s IT Rental Offering

Six Ways to enhance Your Company’s IT Rental Offering

When offering IT Hardware rental solutions, the presenting of the financial assistance as the product offers little value. The aim is to tie the finance up with sets that will add value to the customers IT experience.

Consider the following sets which could provide a far more comprehensive experience to a prospective client:

Call Desk

A centralised call-desk ensures a single point of contact, which will then automatically be routed to the nearest service center. A task is opened for every call logged by a client. All tickets are observed on an hourly basis by an automatic escalation procedures, which is based on the priority of the call. This course of action can managed by a Call Desk System supported by sms functionality to keep clients / users informed on the progress made with their call.

Hardware Helpdesk

Have a technical expert responsible for each account as a back-up to the call desk. This ensures continuity and immediate availability of technical assistance whenever problems that are more difficult are experienced that cannot be solved by the call desk person.

Loan Units

Make equipment obtainable to clients for loan purposes. The client and your company agree on the maximum quantity of units that will be held for the client i.e. one loan unit for every ten (10). When a call is logged and the item cannot be repaired within an agreed period a loan unit will then be made obtainable. The loan units can be preloaded with the required software, ready for use. The units can also be made obtainable where equipment is stolen, until such time as a new/substitute unit is obtainable. The same applies to late deliveries.

Warranty Management

Your firm can manage the warranty on the equipment on behalf of the client and use runners at short notice to transport loan and faulty units to and from the client and supplier repair centres.

Break Fix

When equipment is out of warranty you may offer to assist clients to repair equipment on a time-and-material basis. This will happen on a quote basis, which the client will need to accept before repairs will be done.

Short Term Rentals

If you have good refurbished equipment at hand like desktops, notebooks and printers you could offer this on a permanent basis and thereby generate additional revenue. Companies make use of this service to assist them in basic or permanent situations where they do not need to or want to use their capital to buy equipment. This service is also suited for training sessions and company events.

Considering the above you can see that there is a huge amount of possible in a standard rental offering. Think about it, and then go and do something about it

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