rule Test Kits, Reviewing the Most Popular Kits On the Market

rule Test Kits, Reviewing the Most Popular Kits On the Market

With todays technology the information home test kit has become a shared place phrase in our society. From asbestos to then radon and then we went to mold and already home drug dusting kits. Now with the new laws we now hear the words rule TEST KITS. This is not by mistake or is it unintended but due to the new laws that went effective this year that are all under the RRP (Repair, Renovate, and Paint Rule) banner that was produced several years ago by the EPA. rule can sicken people of any age, but young children are at greatest risk; hundreds of thousands of them in the U.S. have elevated levels in their blood, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. The most shared place for children to pick up rule contamination is from rule dust being ingested into the body via airborne or by touching polluted items.

This article is to bring you up to date on a few different types of rule testing kits that are obtainable on the market today:

1- ABOTEX rule INSPECTOR – One of the shared kits that you will see more widely advertised and works as a swab test that is very easily used by a homeowner. The test will indicate if there is rule on the surface being tested by turning pink or red depending on the concentration of rule. The downside of this unit is that it is not as moment as one would think. It can take up to two hours to detect the rule on the swab. Also there is a strong odor released when the two chemicals in the swab are mixed to do the test. We strongly suggest that you have plenty of ventilation and that you use protection when using this kit.

2- FIRST ALERT – This kit is much like the Abotex rule Inspector kit as far as it is a swab based kit. One of the downsides that we noticed was that you had to perform more than one test to create a baseline to see if the results are equal. This procedure is an expense that you must use more than one test to get the results on a single surface. The downside is that you nevertheless have a bottle of solution that you must dip the swab in and then rub the surface being tested, this does not allow for a controlled test. Also, the price is on the slightly high extent for only a four swab kit compared to other swab kind kits.

3- LEADCHECK rule TEST KIT – The rule Check rule test kit is most likely the easiest rule paint detection kit to use. The swab contains the chemicals inside the swab tube used for the time of action. The chemicals are in two individual glass tubes much like an ammonia inhalant, once the tubes are cracked a quick shake to mix the chemicals and rub the swab on the area to be tested. There are no chemicals or odors to deal with and the test results are visible within about 10-30 seconds. This rule test kit is one of three that are nationwide permissible for use with the new RRP rule for rule paint renovations and rule safe work areas.

4- DLEAD TEST KIT – This is the newest rule Paint Detection kit that is on the market that is EPA recognized for use with the new RRP rule safe work practices. The test kit is not already on the market as of the time this article is being written but reviewing the product we have noticed that the biggest downside is that there are several elements of liquid vials and equipment needed to get the same results as the rule Check moment rule detection kit, This product is to be obtainable within the next several months.

The above listed test kits are the most popular on the market. By all average you will find other kits obtainable for buy with other pros and cons than what we have listed here. If you are a Certified Renovator by the EPA be aware that the only widely obtainable rule test kit on the market today in the LeadCheck rule test kit. This test kit comes with the verification cards with the test kit in order to confirm that each test kit is working and has permissible results in order to keep a rule safe work area.

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