Restaurants In Nassau Bay TX With Great Views

Restaurants In Nassau Bay TX With Great Views

When you encounter a true food lover, they are quick to tell you that they are not only looking for absolutely fabulous cuisine, but they are also interested in the culinary adventure that a meal takes them on. No doubt these same food lovers will be quick to tell you that ambience plays a role in this adventure, and the restaurants Nassau Bay TX brings to the table (pun intended) are no exception.

Not only is Nassau Bay a part of the heralded Bay Area Houston vicinity in southeast Texas, but the city plays an integral part in U.S. history. The area was essentially a planned community for those participating in the nearby NASA program (Nassau Bay is nearby to the Johnson Space Center; think “Houston, we have a problem” fame). But already as the city incorporated with the area, it has always maintained a rare feel, and its food scene proudly reflects this.

Perhaps the one quality that comes to mind when you think about Nassau Bay is the sea or something possibly already tropical. Given that the complete city has a total size of about two square miles, a slightly bigger than usual (compared to other cities) proportion of that is based on being near water (Carlton Bayou, Clear Lake, and Swan Lagoon serve as boundaries). As such, it would make sense that restaurants in the area would want to take advantage of this pictureque jackpot.

However, you have to remember that the original plan for the city was for a residential oasis for NASA employees, and in that vein, quite a bit of Nassau Bay’s shoreline has a more residential leaning. So, defining the idea of ‘great’ views as indicative of something physical may be too thin. It may be best to define ‘great’ views as more of how a restaurant reflects the beauty & varied of the area. Right at the top of the list would be Viola & Agnes’ Neo Soul Cafe. Boasting a familial & convivial air, the cafe keeps a small, familiar set of soul-food staples as its offering, suggesting their want to keep things fresh & prepped for each customer. Healthy options are the name of the game, including a large portion of vegetarian side dishes, and frying is kept to small batches.

If you head right down the road, you’ll find Mediterraneo Market & Cafe. Here, you’ll encounter a menu that is a literal “who’s who” of Mediterranean dishes. Traditional Middle Eastern dishes are also obtainable, plus they offer wine & beer from a number of countries. This restaurant well-reviewed by patrons & local press, and in line with the idea of views, it is also noted to have a beautiful outdoor patio.

Finally, if you really want to check out some seriously nice views while dining, it’s hard to beat the Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake Hotel and their LUNA Restaurant & Bar (luna is Spanish for moon). Clear Lake is a major recreation center and home to one of the largest concentrations of as a hobby boats and marinas in the nation, and LUNA is right on its shores.

The restaurants Nassau Bay TX has to offer residents and visitors alike showcase a different amount of tastes, cultures, and a profound respect for the visually beautiful area surrounding them. You are sure to find no shortages of restaurants to excite the palate & please the eye.

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