Reasons Why Boric Acid is the Number 1 Cockroach Killer

Reasons Why Boric Acid is the Number 1 Cockroach Killer

Cockroaches are some on the nastiest pests known to man. Hence, many homeowners would want these parasites eradicated as quickly as possible. Cockroach infestation, when noted, should be tackled head on. If you ignore and let them grow in number, you will notice how quickly they will take over your house management. Roaches scavenge every food items in your house, raw or cooked. They will eat the food crumbs on the floor, countertops, shelves, cabinets and so on. The irritating thing is that roaches will also crawl on toilet surfaces, explaining why they cause diseases. Continue reading to learn some good tips on one cockroach killer that can help in the eradication of these pests.

One way to ensure the easy and quick eradication of cockroaches is to know their source. However, you must observe that this should be a patient procedure. Many angry homeowners often use methods that are very unwise or ways that are not in the best interests of those involved. Some of these eradication methods may often consequence in unwanted side effects or results, in the future.

• Boric Acid as a Cockroach killer:

One of the best ways to eradicate cockroaches from homes is the use of boric acid. One shared problem with the ordinary cockroach poisons is that after using them for some time, cockroaches get used to them. This makes the products ineffective. B acid will not produce that kind of consequence. The acid products eat away the wax, the same way they would eat away the outside inner of the cockroach. This causes the insects to dehydrate. ric acid is a stomach poison when ingested.

• Powdered variety of Boric Acid

One of the most shared forms used as cockroach poison is the powder. If you put it in areas where cockroaches frequent, the powder will attach to the cockroachs body. The most important thing to observe however is that cockroaches will then carry the acid to their nest, where other cockroaches are killed in addition. You could mix boric acid powder with other elements in order to make it alluring so that the cockroaches will ingest it.

• Boric Acid Gels and Pastes

Many cockroach pastes and gels do contain boric acid substance. These pastes and gels contain other elements that act as bait to ensure that cockroaches consume the paste. Use these gels and pastes along the major paths of the cockroaches.

Boric acid has its brighter side and speckled side. However, the benefits go beyond the demerits in relation to roaches extermination. The limitation of boric Acid is one. It is very slow acting and it may take weeks for you to notice good results. This is not permissible, especially if there is a serious infestation. When the roach infestation is serious, it will be better for you to look for a better way of getting rid of them. Boric acid is an effective cockroach killer, which is not unhealthy or toxic to human beings. Its effectiveness remains in spite of of the length of time it takes to work.

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