Psychic Skills – Benefits and Disadvantages!

Psychic Skills – Benefits and Disadvantages!

Psychic skills should come with a warning sign that reads “possible side effects”! Having or developing such skills is not to be taken lightly, as once you have them, there is no turning back and there is a responsibility to use them wisely and for the highest good.

Whilst many people are fascinated with anything psychic, others fear it as the work of the devil and however others see it as a scam. No matter your viewpoint, having psychic skills can be both advantageous and disadvantageous.

The benefits include:

1. being able to receive helpful and healing messages for people who may be in distress in order to help them

2. life becomes richer and more joyful as you can receive guidance to help yourself with your own problems and spiritual development in life

3. If you are a healer, you can know what your clients’ problem is and help them over it

4. You can be forewarned about something before it occurs which may give you time to prepare yourself for it or, time to take action to avid it, if it is possible to do so.

5. Depending on what kind of psychic skills you have, you can read other peoples’ motives and give others clear guidance

6. You can help people find their direction in life and alleviate their experiencing

7.You become your own authority instead of relying on other people for answers

However, life is not all fun and games. There is a downside you should be prepared for. The disadvantages include:

1. People may feel they can phone you or ask you for advice no matter where you are, without paying for it

2. If you do not put boundaries around when you will use your psychic skills and when to switch them off, you can find yourself unable to sleep with people from your day on your mind all night.

3. Sometimes, if you are a feeling person, you may feel very unbalanced emotionally. You may feel sad or grief-stricken or depressed for no apparent reason and it can be hard to manage if you are in relationships. Later you will receive confirmation as to why you felt like this; a friends’ father died or something traumatic happened to a close relative of yours and you were picking it up.

4. You may be frequently misunderstood or not taken seriously by family members who do not have or, do not believe in psychic skills. This can be hard to take and you can feel very lonely unless you join a group of like-minded people where you can speak about your gift.

5. You will be privy to all sorts of personal information, some of which you will probably wish you did not know about people! This can put you in a very difficult position.

6. You may become very unpopular because some people do not like having to confront the truth and will blame you for it if they are not ready to take responsibility for their problems and their lives.

7. The hardest part is knowing what you know and having to step back and allow other people to learn at any rate they need to because they have chosen not to notice what you have told them!

If you have psychic skills you cannot hand them back when you have had enough and you can only ignore them for a certain amount of time. They can enhance your life, if you use them wisely to bring joy and clarity to other people.

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