Princess Diana – Famous Peoples’ Numerology – How It Works And Can Hel…

Princess Diana – Famous Peoples’ Numerology – How It Works And Can Hel…

Numerology – Princess Diana – 1st July 1961


– – 6 – 9

111 – -7

Life Path 25/7. The life path number 7 signifies wisdom and knowledge, mysticism and spirituality. They analyse, probe and probe for hidden information in the world around them. As a consequence, they tend towards introspection and can appear far away/aloof. However, sevens can struggle for a balanced perspective on life, and can find it difficult to enjoy social interaction. Specialists, perfectionists and bright thinkers, they seeks deeper truths. On the negative side, they can be cunning and misleading.

Princess Diana is a harmonious 7: Is discerning and has poise.

She shows no lines of strength in her chart. Her one line of weakness is the Line of Sensitivity! Over-sensitive to other peoples opinions; a victim of self-doubt, needing reassurance regularly from those close. When feeling positive, 7s trust others enough to open their heart, take emotional risks, and proportion feelings. When negative, they feel bitter, betrayed, paranoid; they do not trust themselves or others.

The number 1 also features heavily in her numerology, which represents the divine spark of original will. They can appear brave and original. goal is a strong force in a 1. The teenage and early adult years can be an intense struggle for independence and a self-identity. Ones frequently find themselves in locaiongs of responsibility and influence.

25/7s need privacy and independence, which makes it difficult to form relationships, not usually trusting enough to proportion inner feelings, they tend to isolate themselves. however they have a thorough desire to help others, to make a difference, to contribute in some way. Like a puppy, they are afraid to approach strangers but can play like children.

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It helps with friendships and relationships, and will give you new-found confidence. It took me years of searching to find my true self, then I found this. It gave me insights into myself and my personality that got me very excited – stuff no-one had said to me before… Being a 10, you have the ability to work on the cutting edge, but shy away from this kind of ecosystem feeling uncomfortable due the double sensitivity of your life path number… When I read this, I thought hmm-mm, maybe this person understands me!

– See also Princess Dianas I Ching!

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