Pre-Insulated HVAC Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

Pre-Insulated HVAC Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

The air ducts in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC system are responsible for producing permissible indoor air quality. While they are more commonly credited for being a source of ventilation, these ducts also serve a dominant purpose in air conditioning by thermal insulation. As a bonus, they also help enhance energy efficiency.

Why you should have your air ducts cleaned

With these important roles and advantages, it is important to make sure that they keep in top quality. Most HVAC air ducts rarely need to be cleaned. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency sees no need in having your air ducts cleaned unless no one in the household is experiencing from any unexplained symptoms, illnesses, or allergies, or unless there are clear indications that the ducts are already dirty and polluted.

However, there is nevertheless a need to keep your air ducts clean already before such health hazards are already present. This isnt just about ensuring thermal comfort in your home; its also about ensuring the safety of everyone at home. Your complete family breathes in the same air coming from your HVAC system, and its a lot better to prevent any harm than put your familys life at risk because youve neglected the proper maintenance of your air ducts.

But how do you know if it is time for you to clean them? Here are some tell-tale signs:

You sweep and dust the house more often than usual because it seems harder for you to get rid of dust. already after cleaning, there are nevertheless some visible dusts that you see floating around in the air. People at home experience sinus problems, nasal congestion, and headaches during or after sleep. Theres very little or almost no air at all coming from the vents into the rooms in your house. People at home get sick regularly or experience allergies more often than usual. People at home experience signs of sickness such as sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, fatigue, nausea, or a burning and dry sensation the eyes, nose or throat. When you turn on the air conditioner or the furnace, a stale or musty odor comes off of it.

Pre-insulated HVAC duct cleaning

Just as with other types of ductwork, the duct liners and boards of pre-insulated HVAC ducts can be cleaned easily using special non-metallic bristles. However, to avoid any damage from mishandling, thorough cleaning should be performed by a specialized duct cleaner. He will be able to get rid of all dust, cobwebs, calcium deposits, debris, hair, and at all event else shouldnt be inside.

As a rule, ducts must be inspected (and cleaned if necessary) every 1 to 2 years.

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