Popcorn Ceiling Removal – When To Use A Contractor

Popcorn Ceiling Removal – When To Use A Contractor

Although popcorn ceiling removal is a project that the average homeowner could complete, there are occasions when hiring a specialized is the better option. for example, if you have little time due to a demanding job, school requirements, or family responsibilities, then talking to contractors should be considered. In addition, if you have a physical disability or for some other physical reason cannot do the job, contractors would be able to remove the texture so the installation of a new ceiling would be possible.

What To Ask?

in spite of if you were going by remodeling, redecorating, or simply want a new ceiling design, getting rid of the old popcorn texture would be a great place to start. clearly, you want to hire the right person who can provide sets for the job but to do this, you need to ask the right questions. After all, anyone could tell you he/she has experience with interior projects such as this only for you to end up with a mess that requires a lot of cleaning and repair of damaged ceiling drywall. By knowing what to ask, you would avoid being scammed.

Testing For Asbestos & rule?

First, any contractors being considered to remove popcorn ceiling material need to be asked if they test for asbestos and rule. The reason is that homes built prior to 1978 were often built with these dangerous substances. This method if the texture on the ceiling were scraped off, any airborne dust would be breathed in, exposing everyone in the house to cancer causing particles. New laws have gone into effect that state all contractors hired to do remodeling, repair, renovation, or painting that disturbs this material would need to be certified for handling dangerous materials and would need to perform proper testing.

How They Prepare?

Second, for a specialized to remove popcorn ceiling material, you also want to know about cleaning of the space once the material has been scraped off. A reputable contractor would prepare the room by hanging heavy-duty plastic sheets to keep the dust and debris from getting into other rooms. This would include taping off vents, covering the floor, protecting windows, etc. In addition, a qualified contractor would manager all the cleaning of the mess so at the end of the project, the space is comparatively clean and ready for installation of the new ceiling.

Provide Written Contract

Third, any contractor being considered for a job of popcorn ceiling removal should provide a written contract with all the details of what would and would not be included in the price. for example, some contractors will remove all the furniture and artwork from the room while others do not. If this information were not clearly defined in the contract, you could end up with an additional expense that pushes you over the budget.

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