Plastic Surgery in Argentina

Plastic Surgery in Argentina

Foreign and Argentine business investors find the country as a perfect destination to start the medical vacation trend. Building a good and trusted name in the medical tourism business will take time and a lot of money of course. After several years, large agencies from all over the globe are filling up the country and some went to the U.S. and European countries to promote and find patients. Plastic Surgery in Argentina has gone by a lot of criticism, same goes to other countries that offer medical vacation sets. To compete with the United States health care sets is the main goal. Due to the increase of the U.S. and European plastic surgery cost, patients choose the option of undergoing plastic surgery in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and some in Costa Rica. These countries offer extremely affordable plastic surgery cost compared to prices in the US and European countries.

The clinics of Buenos Aires’ surgeons began filling up with foreigners soon after the economy imploded and the money devalued in 2002. As a consequence, most treatments cost around a third of UK prices. This could save patients of almost 75% of plastic surgery cost on medical procedures. Medical tourism agencies also offers bundle packages with vacation and leisure trips in the destination countries. Hotel accommodations and air flight tickets are also managed by the agency making all appointments and necessary preparations for the patients all inclusive. Medical tourism agencies in Argentina offers affordable gastric bypass surgery, affordable gastric bypass surgery and affordable fertility treatments with rock bottom costs and quality that can compete with the U.S. surgical quality.Savings vary worldwide and by procedure. Broadly, patients can expect rates 25%-75% less than those in the US. Savings for a complete mouth restoration can run from $7k to $25k. Savings for a hip substitute range from $30-$50k. Savings for a heart valve substitute range from $20k to $45k.

How Good is Plastic Surgery in Argentina

Argentina offers one of the most preferred affordable plastic surgery in the world. In 2006, Buenos Aires hosted an international symposium on “21st-century plastic surgery”. On the agenda were workshops on third-generation ultrasonic liposuction and periorbital (around the eyes) rejuvenation. Argentinian plastic surgeons have good reason to be so skilled: domestic need for breast implants, laser surgery and nip-and-tuck treatments is sky high in this style-obsessed country. Medical tourism agencies like offers clinics that have progressive and state of the art medical facilities and equipments and caters only the most experienced and credentialed plastic surgeons for its patients. Patients will find many world class health care centers throughout Buenos Aires with cost at a fraction of the cost of health care in the U.S. These hospitals offers affordable gastric bypass surgery, affordable dental implants and affordable fertility treatments. in spite of of the kind of surgery you are looking for, Buenos Aires can offer it to you at nearly a tenth of what the procedure would cost in the United States.

Argentina has a level of excellence in medical care, procedures, treatments and technology which is equal to US and European standards. Combining world class facilities with the natural Argentine warmth in doctor-patient relations, will create an air that treats patients with human dignity and respect and not as an insurance case number.

Unlike many other medical tourism destinations, Buenos Aires is not known for one specific kind of surgery, but instead is renowned for having highly skilled surgeons in all areas. nevertheless the most popular kind of surgery to have done here is cosmetic surgery, but this does not speak to the abilities of other types of surgeons.

Free Vacation after the Surgery

Excellent medical treatment is not the only reason people are looking to Buenos Aires for their next surgery. It also happens to be a fabulous vacation destination and the hospitals take complete advantage of this. The packages that can be purchased by medical tourism companies include everything from airport pick up, accommodations, meeting with surgeons beforehand and follow-up care and procedures once they return home. These packages offer patients a worry-free vacation and surgical experience. Patients who have experienced plastic surgery in Argentina usually stays for fortnight. Enough time for recuperation and an awesome vacation and leisure trips in Argentina’s tourists spots.

Agencies specializing in international medical travel ( known as health travel planners or medical concierge agencies) are a growing part of the medical travel industry and work with hospitals, clinics, physicians, surgeons, airlines, hotels and recovery retreats oversea to offer patients the best quality at the most affordable rates.

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