Plantaniums "Awakening", By: Joseph M. Armillas – Book Review

Plantaniums "Awakening", By: Joseph M. Armillas – Book Review

With the first book of his trilogy, author Joseph M. Armillas has written a spiritual science fiction that captivates the reader for the most part. In later chapters the saga drags a bit with the history of the super intelligent Umhar and Tausenzauts. It takes off again when a new ship approaches Plantanimus. Written in third person narrative it’s easy to fall in love with Kelem, the author’s main character. While he is the richest and most intelligent man in the universe he is also a most kind and gentle young man who suffers just like the rest of us in matters of love and loss of love. He shuns politics and fake relationships opting for genuine friendships instead. For an evolved being from Mars you could say Kelem is very caring and well, “very down to Earth.” He’s the kind of protagonist you want to analyze the universe with so don’t miss Joseph M. Armillas’s second and third books in the trilogy,Plantanimus “Return to Mars and Plantanimus “The Gulax War.”

Plantanimus “Awakening,” is the first book in the Plantanimus trilogy by author Joseph M. Armillas, describing the galactic adventures of Kelem Rogeston. Kelem is a gifted genius and Martian child prodigy of great scientific intelligence. He graduated at nine years old and has become the red planet’s greatest pilot. He also has powerful psychic abilities that he’s only beginning to master. He faces many adversities as he transforms from a boy into a most respected Martian citizen. At twenty, Kelem invents an n’time generator and the planet’s most progressive spacecraft; a spaceship that can disappear and reappear immediately at any desired location in the solar system. He will ultimately play a major role in the interplanetary dramatical change that will attempt to liberate Mars from the evil Phalanx. The Phalanx is a fascist style Terran organization that has taken over Earth and plans to steal the n’time technology and enslave the inhabitants of Mars.

Centuries back the repressive Phalanx group promoted the War of Independence and Mother Earth lost Mars and the Moon as colonies. Then the Phalanx infiltrated every aspect of Earth’s government and society. Now in the 27th century, leader Soltan Voltanieu has become the most dangerous man in the universe. He uses every deception and cruelty to control the Terran people and aspires to rule Mars with an iron fist. Meanwhile, Kelem is stranded on the alien planet Plantanimus and thinks he will have to live out his life there. He comes to accept this fate as his destiny. He befriends the Dreamers who live there. They help him develop his gifts and expand his consciousness. He visits the Quantum Tide and can see the past, the present, and the future all at once. Kelem is the first member of the Sixth Root Race-a race that is an evolution of mankind. He doesn’t want to leave his new home, but he must because his people are in danger and the future of Mars depends on his return.

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