Panasonic Phones – Taking Communication to New Level

Panasonic Phones – Taking Communication to New Level

Though mobile phones have made a great impact on the way we use telephones for communication, office phones nevertheless rule the roost when it comes to utility and usefulness. They are not only useful for taking calls from outside, but also serve wonderfully well for communicating within the office.

They are ideal for –

– Creating a network within the office complicate

– Terminating multiple lines from telephone exchanges

– Expanding infinitely progressively

– Sending & receiving fax messages

– Sharing one or many telephone lines across different users

The other benefits include –

– Low operating cost

– Low equipment cost

– Easy to automate

– Extensive models & features

– Easy to repair or replace

– Extended life cycle & durability

Panasonic Office Phones are one of the most preferred phones worldwide. What makes them so special is their wide range of phones for homes in addition as businesses. They are compatible with telephone exchange equipment, give crystal clear voice and can be merged and synchronized with other equipments like EPABX and PBX. They are obtainable in different configurations in addition as in different price ranges.

Some of the popular Panasonic phones are – corded telephones, corded landline phone with caller ID, cordless telephone, cordless caller ID telephone, caller ID programmable tone/pulse setting telephone with headset jack, caller ID telephone with headset jack (exclusively for use with Panasonic EPABX), cordless caller ID telephone with battery backup.

nevertheless more caller ID telephones with up to 3-way conference call (with 1 outside line), caller ID telephone with 3-way conferencing (with 2 outside line), cordless dual handset phones, cordless called ID phone wall mountable rechargeable batteries, corded & cordless phone 2-in-1 caller ID telephone with 3-way conferencing, caller ID telephone with 3-way conference and up to 8 extensions are also obtainable in the Panasonic range of phones.

Digital meaningful phones, 3 lines with 8 extension phones and expandable up to 24 extensions, progressive hybrid system phones with 3 lines and 16 extensions, and many other models are also yours to consider when you order them for your office.

Here are some features that make Panasonic business phones ideal for use in already most demanding situations. (Features are dependent on the form you choose)

– Large LCD displays of up to 1.8 inch

– strength failure backup with rechargeable battery for cordless phones

– Name and number storage facilities

– Dual location use – wall mount and/or desk top compatible

– Dual Handsets for cordless phones

– Mesh speakers for hands-free operation

– Up to 100 name phone book memory

– 2-Digit message counter/Digital answer systems

– Reversible handsets for convenience of operation

– Light-up indicator with ringer alert in handset (exclusive to cordless)

– Digital Speakers for very superior sound quality

– Illuminated characterize for low-lit room conditions

– 2-line operation to tackle peak-hour need

These are but a fraction of the advantages you will see in Panasonic phones and they are all made to international standards using some of the best materials. Panasonic is also reputed for the high manufacturing standards, stiff and uncompromising quality controls and innovativeness.

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