Neat VoIP Tricks and Advantages

Neat VoIP Tricks and Advantages

The really nice thing about VoIP is that it is a service that you can take with you when you travel. For example, most hotels now have high-speed Internet service, and if you take your VoIP phone with you, you can plug in at the hotel and continue to make and receive calls at your regular phone number as if you had never left home. Keep in mind that if the hotel offers ONLY a wireless Internet connection, as many of them do as your only option, this presents another problem and you will need additional hardware to transform that wireless signal into an RJ45 jack that you can plug your VoIP DTA box into.

I know of one business person who does not leave home without his VoIP phone, it is always one of the first things that gets packed. So when he gets to his hotel in Chicago or New York or Denver or already Germany or Hong Kong, he plugs in his VoIP phone and is back to work. While it may seem strange to have a VoIP phone plugged into your Hong Kong hotel room, and have people call you on it by dialing an Orlando phone number (if you live in Orlando), that is how VoIP works and it really is nice.

Another thing you can do is say you have relatives in Europe or the UK that you like to talk to but it is extremely expensive to call overseas very often. To solve this problem, what you should do is get a VoIP phone for you, and have them get a VoIP phone from the same provider. Now already though they are living in London or Munich, they will have a Detroit or Houston phone number. They can call you and talk as long as you want, or you can call them on their stated phone number (which might appear to be Detroit or Denver) and talk as long as you want. The only thing they need is that high-speed Internet connection, and of course an electrical adapter to adjust to the different voltages overseas.

In summary, VoIP service is a great communications tool for both home and business use. Its recommended that if youre seriously considering VoIP service for your calling needs, be sure to compare the features and roles of several service providers before signing up. Comparison shopping will save you time and headaches in the long run and ensure you are purchasing the best VoIP service for YOUR needs.

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