Mosquitos: At Home Edition

Mosquitos: At Home Edition

Obligated to use more time at home throughout Covid-19 restrictions and far away work orders, many people have found interest in investing in their backyard. Creating an enjoyable outdoor space is not only a fun project, but an opportunity to construct an “outdoor oasis,” a welcome respite from the stressors of pandemic life. Whether you’ve found escape in a DIY pizza oven, a new patio, an inflatable pool or a garden, you’ve probably had to deal with one major drawback: mosquitos.

In the humid heat of midsummer, mosquito populations prosper. States are reporting record-levels of mosquitos following a period of intense rainfall. Indeed, mosquito populations grow exponentially following rainfall, as it only takes several days in standing water for eggs to become larvae, pupa, and then fully-formed adults. already if you’ve taken some precautions, your new-and-improved backyard can quickly become a mosquito hatchery.

Mosquito Prevention

Trying to get rid of mosquitos can be very exasperating, especially given the sheer amount of pseudo-science buzzing around about “natural” mosquito deterrents, from sticking cloves in limes to a moisturizer lotion. Let’s confront it: your basic oil collection probably doesn’t cut it. The best way to really prevent mosquitos is to act early by mosquito-proofing your space. This can require:

  • Regularly removing standing water. Many people think of obvious supplies of stagnant water, like ponds or birdbaths, but it can really be anywhere. Flower pots, empty buckets, ashtrays, fire pits, grills, candles, kids’ toys, old tires, soda cans, logs, gutters, dog bowls: anything that can keep up water can great number mosquitos.
  • Cleaning up debris and cutting grass. Piles of brush, the dead leaves from last autumn you never cleared, a fallen tree, tall grass-all lock up moisture and heat, becoming possible mosquito hangouts. Like the little vampires they are, mosquitos want to use time in these dark, humid spaces.

seeing A Mosquito Infestation

While the prevention methods listed above may help before you have an actual infestation, they do very little if you’re already struggling with a lot of mosquitos. In this case, contact Black Diamond at 877-DEAD-BUG for a complete inspection and treatment plan. When should you take this step? Any time! But here are some particular red flags:

  • You see swarms/clouds of mosquitos.
  • There are a lot of mosquitos in your yard, already when you remove standing water.
  • There are mosquitos inside of your house.
  • You live near a swamp, reservoir, lake, or marsh land that isn’t easily “drainable.”
  • You hear a continued buzzing sound.
  • You notice that you have a lot of bites, already if you don’t see mosquitos.
  • You see mosquitos during the daytime. Mosquitos are most active at dawn/dusk, so seeing them midday can suggest a large population.

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