Microwave Termite Treatment Finished in Hours Not Days

Microwave Termite Treatment Finished in Hours Not Days

The amount of application time needed to complete a microwave termite treatment depends upon the total number of termite colonies to be eradicated, the location of each colony, its size and the overall size or number of microwave generators being used for the treatment.

A colony is defined as a living social group of termites each working under the direction of one queen. Drywood termite colonies rarely go beyond 2500 in population. The queen limits the population size by excreting chemicals to a populous portion that causes them to cast into winged reproductives that fly off to create new colonies. Different colonies will not socialize and instead will war with one another.

Microwave termite treatment is performed by placement of a microwave generator followed by an applied timed treat cycle at a pre-determined colony targeted area. After completion of each cycle the generator is moved to an nearby plotted area where another timed cycle treat is applied. the time of action is repeated until complete area of infestation has been treated as a whole.

The average treatment time of a microwave generator cycle is 5 minutes. An individual single port average microwave generator treats approximately 6×6 inches per cycle or one half cubic foot per 5 minutes of treat time. If treating a large colony infestation within a wall that is 7 foot high and 5 foot long, that equals the total surface area of 35 square foot. Given that a single generator treats one half square foot per 5 minute cycle then.5 treatment area per cycle divided by 35 square foot to be treated = 70 cycles to complete treatment. 70 cycles at 5 minutes each = 350 minutes divided by 60 minutes in an hour = 5.83 hours when rounded off is 6 hours total treatment time.

The time taken to complete termite treatment performed with the microwave treatment course of action is not at all time consuming when compared to the numerous days it takes to complete a whole structure fumigation.

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