Microwave Termite Treatment Applicator User Benefits

Microwave Termite Treatment Applicator User Benefits

Numerous are the benefits of industrial in addition as private commercial use of microwave termite treatment verses standard whole structure poison termite gas tent fumigation treatment. Majority of these benefits occur from no longer mandatory situations and administration regulation procedures that most of the shared public are not aware of. Listed below are but a few of the all so many benefits that exist.

1. No mandatory chemical use.

2. No security guard expenses.

3. No Roof release to be signed.

4. No multiple work visits to job site.

5. No special applicator license required.

6. No sub contractors Fumigation expenses.

7. No Fire Department Notification Necessary.

8. No Notice of poison Gas use disclosures to be signed.

9. No operating costs other than field applicator labor and travel expenses.

10. No overnight lodging expenses for call backs or re-does.

Microwave termite treatment kill effectiveness is comparable to whole structure fumigation when treatment is performed thoroughly at identified sites of infestation. Treatments are accepted by FHA, VA, HUD & traditional lenders for escrow purposes. Lower overall applicator treatment costs equal higher savings. Lower occupant hassles equal happy residents.

Clearly the applicator benefits of microwave termite treatment are many when compared to all the cumbersome, unsafe, inconvenient and time-consuming mandatory poison gas fumigation treatment procedures. Because of all the additional economical and ecological benefits also derived from its use, one certainly can expect to see more of the microwave termite treatment course of action applied well into the future. It is truly a revolutionary technological termite control breakthrough.

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