Mental, Emotional, and Physical Benefits of Organic Food

Mental, Emotional, and Physical Benefits of Organic Food

Organic Food eating comes with a wide range of benefits that not only include better physical health but also emotional and mental health in addition. Having an all natural diet can work wonders for you emotionally and mentally. First it may provide you with the feeling of being closer with character. It can provide peace of mind by knowing that you are not harming the planet in any way related to the food you consume. You can be at peace with the mindset that Mother character will not poison you because you are not poisoning her. This works in reverse with traditional food because the industrial fertilizers and pesticides used on them greatly pollute and hurt the ecosystem. The fruits and vegetables they produce in return come with toxic residues that are very hazardous to the health especially when continuous intake begins to build up.

Growing Organic Food in your very own garden may also take you closer to character. You will start to develop respect for character as you make effort not to intoxicate her with chemical substances found with traditional pesticides and fertilizers. You will begin to grow more attached to the ecosystem as you plow the soil and use natural fertilizers such as manure. And when it is finally time for harvest you will realize clearer how character provides for those who take care of her. Some doctors and psychologists already consider gardening as an activity that is soothing to the mind and soul. This is the reason why they recommend gardening as a hobby.

The physical benefits of Organic Food are nevertheless the dominant reasons why people make the change from traditional diets to the organic diet. The physical benefits can be described as originating from two things which are presence and absence. Produce grown from organic farms possess high levels of phytochemicals and antioxidants that are much higher than those found in traditional goods. They are also free of the toxic elements and chemical residues that are shared in traditional produce. It can be summed up that unrefined food has more vitamins and nutrients and less heavy metals at the same time.

The superiority of the nutrient content of Organic Food is said to originate from the use of chemical free fertilizers. This is because chemicals commonly found in industrial fertilizers in addition as in commercial pesticides have been found to greatly mitigate the ability of plants to produce phytochemicals in addition as antioxidants. This is because these synthetic substances lower the need of plants to produce extracts that will help them absorb nutrients and fight pests and diseases. The toxic chemicals that ultimately end up into the soil also kill microorganisms and disrupt the generation of nutrients. Hence as plants are grown into the soil the nutrients get used up until it is ultimately depleted which can already rule to desolation in which the soil becomes unfit for farming.

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