Meal Moth Traps – The meaningful Weakness of Pantry Moths

Meal Moth Traps – The meaningful Weakness of Pantry Moths

Whether you call them Indian meal moths, flour moths, pantry moths, or something else: you need to find an effective method of combating them or you’re going to have a complete-extent war on your hands. I personally have fought this war against meal moths (my secret weapons were meal moth traps) and believe me, it sucks! There are many things that you need to start out doing in order to assure that you’re going to get rid of ALL of the moths.

First you need to get rid of ANY food that is near where they seem to have set up their nest. The ONLY exception to this is canned food. It is extremely hard for a moth to get into canned food. Everything else is fair game though, that includes boxed food and everything else. It sucks that you have to throw away tons of good food, but it’s going to suck more if you have thousands of moths flying around everywhere. Anything that hasn’t been infected needs to be put in the refrigerator, freezer, or trash can.

Next you need to get meal moth traps, if you don’t know a good place to get them, I recommend looking at the bottom of this article where I’ve connected to a great website for meal moth traps and reviews. If you live in an extremely small apartment you’ll need a minimum of four traps. If you live in a house, no matter how small, you’ll need close to 20. Anything bigger should be solved with a 24 pack (you’ll save money by just buying the 24 pack in the first place).

Set the meal moth traps up in rooms that the moths use a lot of time in, 2 per room. Put one in each room they do NOT visit very often, just to catch any stragglers. Now all you have to do is wait until they start to fill up and replace them with new ones. As a final measure you may want to spray infected areas with insecticide.

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