Making Money With Snipsly

Making Money With Snipsly

Snipsly is a great place for you to start blogging and make some money at the same time. It is a fairly new site, but nevertheless it has a lot of possible. Their platform is fairly easy to use as it is the same as WordPress.

However, with snipsly, you cannot have your own subdomain where your articles will be posted to. But you can put together a profile page from where all of your articles can be viewed. Another difference is that you can make money with snipsly. So how can you make money?

Google AdSense

Snipsly allows you to add in your Google AdSense ID so that you can begin to earn revenue for your content almost closest. Snipsly is unlike most websites that will proportion 50 or 60% of the revenue with you, but they will proportion a whopping 80% of the revenue that is generated from your content. This is almost like having your own website, but you do not have to worry about hosting fees or technical problems.

Why Write For Snipsly?

As I already mentioned Snipsly provides you with an easy to use platform to write and upload your content to the web. By writing for Snipsly you can build a portfolio of your writings and consequently establish your online credibility.

Because you are writing for a larger site with a higher page rank, your articles that you submit to Snipsly will also rank higher. But you can nevertheless build back links to your Snipsly articles for already more traffic.

Build Back Links

Snipsly allows you to build back links to your other sites that you may have online. Not only can you link to your main website from your Snipsly profile page, but you can also link out from all of your articles.

Back links are important as they help your site to rank higher in the search engines. consequently the more back links that you can build to your main website, the higher it will rank.

Multiple Accounts

If you are in more than one market, and write under several different names, then Snipsly is the place to write for, as they allow you to open as many accounts as you like, provided that you do not spam the website with your links.

consequently Snipsly is a great place for generating back links and free traffic whether you are new, or a well seasoned internet marketer.

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