Make Your Style of Evening Pant Suit Your Own

Make Your Style of Evening Pant Suit Your Own

Many women are opting to use evening pant suits instead of the little black dress or the more luxurious evening dresses these days, and are doing so very successfully. Sarah Jessica Parker looked dramatically in a black strapless jumpsuit paired with a blazer on the David Letterman Show a while back, and had the media talking for weeks about how good she looked. These evening pant suits are becoming the vogue with many fact-conscious women, and they look really sexy in them.

There is no reason why you cannot use a pant suit to any function, no matter where it is. The trick to wearing a pant suit to an evening function is to make sure that the fabric used is jibe with the formality of the function. Evening use should always be luxurious, and look and feel good to the touch. fiber that are perfect for evening are chiffon, velvet, and satin. A combination of textiles is also quite popular for evening suits.

One of the first pant suits for women, and the one that originally put pant suits on the map, was designed in 1966 by Yves Saint Laurent. He called it the Le Smoking tuxedo suit for women. The style of this tuxedo was luxurious androgyny, and was adopted by Catherine Deneuve, Lauren Bacall, and Bianca Jagger long before pant suits for women were ever in vogue. YSL and Le Smoking are credited with empowering women for ever more. Tuxedos for women keep one of the favorites for evening use, as they are typical, elegant and incredibly sexy to use and to look at.

When looking to buy an evening pant suit, one should do a bit of research as to what is obtainable, and this can be achieved by looking online. If you find a suit that you like, you can then see where it is obtainable and go and buy one at that store, or if you could also buy it online.

Evening pant suits are, more often than not, black, but can also look very good in other darker colors, such as burgundy, purple or midnight blue. Whichever color you choose, make sure that you have shoes and other accessories to match. Jewellery should also be luxurious, such as diamonds, pearls or other gems or semi-precious stones.

The fabric used for pant suits differs according to the season. In Summer it will be more comfortable to use an outfit made of lighter materials, such as chiffon, while in Winter something heavier like velvet is called for. Satin is always a good fabric to use for evening use, especially when mixed with linen or silk. Organza is also a lovely fabric, as it flows around the legs very sensuously.

Although the strict definition of pant suit is a suit consisting of slacks and a jacket of the same material and color, this has relaxed slightly over the years, especially when it comes to evening pant suits, and could now be a lovely pair of organza or linen pants mixed with a linen or satin jacket in the tuxedo style or a long jacket. An important factor is that the material does not crease or bunch, as that will spoil the total look of luxury and style that one gains by wearing such an outfit.

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