Make Money Online For New Marketers

Make Money Online For New Marketers

This article will help you determine the necessary first steps in creating your online business. Read this article to avoid costly mistakes later.

STEP 1: Choose a domain name and web hosting service.
You need to carefully consider your domain name. It should include keywords that describe your business. For example if you want to create a website about horses then your domain name should include the information horses. You could say something like my horses, our horses, beautiful horses and then add com, net, or org to create your own domain name. It is best to think of phrases someone might go into into a search engine when looking to buy your products and create a domain name using the phrase or keyword. Domain names can be purchased online from companies such as GoDaddy or you can buy directly from a web hosting service such as Hostgator. Web hosting companies charge varying amounts depending on how much storage and speed your site will need. A good beginning website can be hosted for approximately $4.95 per month. Do your research and pick one that meets your requirements and budget.

STEP 2: HTML website vs PHP based websites.
Next you need to determine what kind of website you will need. If you want to have a website that has little or no interaction with your visitors then a static HTML based website will work for you. On this kind of website you can have an online sales letter or post images. If, however, you need a website that will permit some interaction from your visitors you will need to look at a PHP based website. One example of a PHP based website is WordPress. WordPress is a blog based content management system, that includes thousands of pre-made templates. You can also create interactivity by using widgets that can easily be additional to your blog. If you are familiar with CSS, you will be able to customize your website to your specifications including layout and design. You can either download and install WordPress from or use Fantastico which can be accessed from your cPanel in your web hosting service. WordPress is free to download. If you choose you will need to have some technical ability. If you use Fantastico the installation course of action is very simple.

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