Leopard Kung Fu: The Smart Man’s Martial Art

Leopard Kung Fu: The Smart Man’s Martial Art

The leopard is a dangerously fast and magnificent animal. It runs like a strong wind, and catches its prey before they know what killed them. The leopard illustrates cool patience and calculated explosion. It dashes like a blur of nail and tooth. It uses stealth to close the distance between it and its prey. Once caught in a leopards attack, there is no escape. The mighty cat will tear its prey to pieces. This is why Bai Yufeng and Li Sou studied the leopard, and alternation its killing techniques to create Leopard kung fu. Unlike the external art of Tiger kung fu, Leopard kung fu seeks to outwit an attacker with fast, and aggressive angular attacks.

As a student, youll learn to use low kicks, elbows, and the patented leopard punch. Youll learn to use a run, hit, and damage fighting style, which allows you to adapt to a stronger opponent. Counter attacks are indirect, sudden, and short, with the goal of landing a decisive blow. Unlike other hard martial arts, Leopard kung fu focuses on simultaneously blocking and remarkable your opponent.

The Main Goals of Leopard kung fu are:

· Develop strength and speed

· Develop patience

· Learning to hone the leopard punch for lower body spring action, and thorough attack penetration

The Leopard Fighting Style

Leopard kung fu fighting techniques are geared for the combination of single, two, and three attack maneuvers that disorient, damage, and at times, blind an opponent. Unlike most other martial arts, the tiger style doesnt depend on blocking, or deeply rooted stances. A stance is only used to set afloat a powerful attack against an opponent. Instead of blocking, tiger style uses a gorilla combat concept that involves fast hits, and running from your opponent.

The Leopard Fist, Phoenix Eye, and leopard Claw

The leopard fist uses a half-opened fist, with a ridge produced by folding your fingers at the first phalangeal joint; and a secondary attack that comes from your opened palm. The Phoenix Eye attack strikes your opponents pressure points, such as the eyes and temple. To form the Phoenix Eye, lift one of your index knuckles, and keep the rest in the form of a fist. The leopard claw is a alternation version of the leopard fist. You do this by lifting your fingers slightly, and forming a claw. The claw attack allows you to claw, rip, and rake your opponents throat and confront.

The Bottom Line

If youre looking for an awesome, rare, and deadly martial art, Leopard kung fu will prove a great choice. Youll learn patience like the dangerous leopard cat, and the skill to attack quickly, intelligently, and effectively. Using one of the three leopard attacks, youll disable a larger opponent before they can cause you harm; and youll learn fast footing that will allow you to avoid counter attacks by weaving in and out of your opponents reach. Its time to hit the mat, and learn to defend yourself with the spirit and might of the ancient leopard.

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