IP Office Phone Systems – Before You Buy

IP Office Phone Systems – Before You Buy

Voice over IP office phone systems have made doing business much easier as compared to traditional analog phone systems. IP systems are more flexible, offer more options, and are much cheaper to function than traditional phone systems are. Here’s what to look for with possible IP office phone systems’ vendors before you buy:


The voice over IP office phone you choose should be much more inexpensive for you than a traditional phone service. In most situations, your long distance calls should be “free” (included with your monthly fee). So, too, should be most “additional” features like call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, and conference calling.

Many included basic features

With analog telephones, additional features average additional cost. Not so with most IP office phone systems. With IP phone systems, most of the features can be built right into the system, at no additional cost to you. Access to voicemail (sometimes obtainable via e-mail in addition, depending on the service), conference calling, and call forwarding, for example, should all be features that are included with your service at moderate cost, or as part of your monthly service at no additional charge. If a provider should try to charge additional for basic features like call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, or conference calling, look in other places.

Great sound quality

It’s no longer true that IP office phones leave something to be desired when it comes to sound quality. These phone systems transform “voice” into data, for fast, efficient, crystal-clear connections. In many situations, these phone systems have better sound quality and connectivity than analog systems do. Although analog systems’ vendors may try to tell you that analog connectivity is better, this is generally not true. You’re going to do better with IP systems both in terms of sound quality and in terms of price and features offered.

Great competition

IP office systems companies are competing for your business. That method cost savings for you. Although IP phone plans are obtainable by just about everyone, including your cable provider, for example, check to see which companies do business in your area. Chances are, you can get a lower price than your current cable provider could offer, and in some situations with more features included in a “basic” system.

The ability to use legacy phone equipment

Any IP phones company you choose should be able to set up your system using your own legacy (traditional) phone equipment. Today’s Internet connectivity for phone use happens by a router, meaning that you don’t have to use headphones and a direct connection to your computer. Use your legacy phone equipment, and save money.


Probably the best thing about IP phone service is that you can be extremely flexible. Expand as your business grows, at little to no additional cost to you — and with much less hassle than would be had with analog phone systems. In fact, you can manage most additions and changes by an easy to use Web interface on your own after initial setup.

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