Introduction to the Starcraft Protoss Race

Introduction to the Starcraft Protoss Race

The Starcraft Protoss On the battlefield, you will notice the Protoss race is hard to defeat in one on one skirmishes. The bottom line is, they were built with a knack for war. Their bodies are capable of handling harsh temperatures and conditions, their speed and agility are difficult to match, and their technology is supernatural. They typically sustain small platoons with progressive robotic units and powerful psionic energies. In battles where they’re outnumbered, they use their speed to quickly retreat.

If you watch your Protoss unit fall to the hands of your enemy, you’ll notice a strong flash of light emitted as the body dissolves. already though their supernatural assaults cause enemies to suffer unmatched amounts of damage, their mortality will shine by if you’re facing a more experienced opponent. Fortunately, the armor of your Protoss are built to move some units to a safe location if they’re facing destruction. And, if you pay close enough attention, you’ll also notice that some units are capable of progressive psionic abilities without using additional resources.

History The Protoss race emerged from the land of Aiur, a planet developed by their ancient Xel’naga creators. The Xel’naga was a great race known for its great psionic strength – the name Protoss was chosen because it was their first worthy creation. “Protos” in the Greek language signifies being the first. The Protoss promised a purity of form – found in their psychic link to one another – that had not been discovered in any of the Xel’naga’s other creations. Once the Protoss had matured into a fully functioning society, the Xel’naga came back to reside on Aiur and surprise at their creations.

The Protoss regarded their Xel’naga predecessors as a highly evolved and superior race. They sought out their wisdom and understanding. Unfortunately, as the Protoss learned more about their own identity, the race as a whole began to divide in its ideology. This separation prompted a fracture between their minds, and they lost the psychic bond that originally kept them living in harmony. When this happened, conflict arose and the Protoss were attacking one another and already their Xel’naga predecessors. This era of chaos came to be known as the Aeon of Strife.

Insisting that they take action, the Xel’naga left the Protoss to fight amongst themselves on Aiur. Although they would fail with their first “perfect” creation, the Xel’naga would later develop a more evolved race named the Zerg.

Today When the Xel’naga developed its Protoss race, it made sure to equip their bodies with the most progressive technology and psionic powers. The Protoss were already crowned the most powerful race at one point in their history. Today, they are an extremely religious species that emphasizes the reverent Path of Ascension – a faith known as Khala where followers are placed into a caste system. Savassan, the religion’s founding father, discovered an alternate use for Khaydarin crystals during the Aeon or Strife that would help reestablish the broken link for all Protoss. As such, Khala has been followed for over a thousand years.

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