Indian Scientist and Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Avathar of Miracles – Part II

Indian Scientist and Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Avathar of Miracles – Part II

Dr Samuel H Sandweiss, a famous psychiatrist from San Diego, California, USA decided to encounter Baba. He has written in his book, ‘Sai Baba, the Holy Man and the Psychiatrist’ consequently:

“I decided to go to India to see Baba myself. Of course I was familiar with other accounts of the kind of occurrences credited to him: clairvoyance, telepathy and other so called psychic powers such as the stories of Christ’s miracles. I had always assumed them to be tricks of perception recorded by gullible or careless historians and reporters… I would go as a scientist, to study and understand the psychological realities of a situation hidden in mysticism… to prove that miracles do not exist.”

Mr. Sandweiss traveled to India in 1972.

He talked to Dr Bhagavantham. Bhagavantham told him an interesting incident.

Once Baba visited Bhagavantham’s house. He walked over to a large sheet of stamps lying on the table and slowly moved his hand across the surface. Bhagavantham said that as he looked on, each image on the sheet turned into that of Sai Baba. He was convinced that Baba was beyond comprehension.

Sandweiss himself has seen that Baba made a few circles in the air with his hand and out came a very large religious necklace. Baba placed it around the visiting professor’s neck at a farewell function.

Sandweiss writes (in page 47): Amazing! Unbelievable! Unthinkable! The most mind-blowing, extraordinary experience – as if the most far-fetched science fictions were truly seen to be true.

He realized that there is no need of psychiatry to play with devotees of Baba. When Sai-chiatry is there, what is the use of psychiatry?

Samuel Sandweiss has narrated all his experiences with Baba in his book in a lucid style.

Dr Karlis Osis, Director of Research of American Society for Psychic Research heard about Baba. He wanted to come to India to study Baba.

A professor from Arizona University, Dr Baranowski, a specialist in Aura also came to Puttaparthi to see Baba himself.

We will read their responses in a future article.

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