Impaired and Driving

Impaired and Driving

The scariest thing to see is a person on the road driving and they are intoxicated. You see the commercials, you see the films while you are attended drivers education class and you hear of the accidents that are caused every week by a person who is behind the wheel driving while intoxicated. There are laws that say you should not excursion while impaired and if stopped you will be issued a breath test if the police officer feels that you are under the influence. In some states it only takes a 0.01 to be declared driving under the influence.

When you look for free insurance quotes to try and find better rates there will be questions to answer and driving under the influence or receiving tickets for such is one of the questions. Driving impaired and having car accidents does impact your auto insurance rates. If you are not responsible and get behind the wheel knowing that you have had too much to drink and if you are in accident you should be charged. You should also be responsible for the damages caused by that accident.

Being responsible is as simple as calling for a cab, or asking for someone else to excursion you home. It could already be handing your keys over to the person having the party and asking for a place to sleep. No one expects you to excursion while intoxicated and there are far too many accidents due to alcohol or drugs. In fact, if you are reported with more than two driving under the influence charges you are putting your license at risk of being taken away.

Auto insurance rates will increase anytime your license has been restored. It may already require you to acquire an SR-22 letter, which is a letter that states you are insurable before you are able to get your license back from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is something no one wants to play around with. Not only does the letter itself cost approximately two hundred dollars but you must carry it for three years adding the additional expenses to your budget. Drinking and driving is not promoted by anyone, anytime, or anywhere.

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