How to unprotected to Super Mind strength

How to unprotected to Super Mind strength

Super Mind strength often arises from chaos, believe it or not. Have you ever been in a situation where your world seemed to be falling apart in front of your very eyes and then, after the dust has cleared, you realize that you have gone to another plateau of awareness? This happened to me once. I was young and had my first teaching job a thousand miles away from home. (That really is not so far with an Australian mindset,) but I had always had the prop of family and close friends up till then. I had set up a fine new flat, and had furniture arriving and a girl all set up to help proportion the costs, because, indeed, there was no way that I would have been able to pay for the flat myself. My mother, seeing that I seemed to be settled, went off to a holiday in Brisbane ( 4000 miles away). My dad had recently passed on at far too early an age, and my brother was in Hong Kong on a naval canal.

The morning came when my new flat-mate was supposed to arrive. She didn’t! I was surprised, but not overly concerned. I had not electricity at all because I was waiting for my new flat-mate to proportion the cost of connecting the gas and electricity. (This, too, I could not provide by myself) Then, a whole day passed and I began to think something was strange. The next night, towards midnight, when I was alone sipping a cup of tea on the floral carpet, (as the furniture had not however arrived,) the phone rang. It was the father of the girl I was supposed to proportion the flat with. His voice was faltering and troubled. I am sorry, he said, Miriam ( for I will call her that) will not be coming. His voice faltered again, “She tried to commit suicide last night.”

My whole bright new world of adventure shattered in an moment. It was an early age for me to have “a dark night of the soul”. I was totally alone. I did not feel it was right to spoil my mother’s trip after the recent passing of my father and so, sat paralyzed, in a strange inhospitable new city without a help-line. I had not as however started my teaching job, so could not,already, in my desperation,reach out to some newly acquired acquaintance. My world, in an moment, turned to chaos. By the way, to add to my sense of aloneness, I had just broken up with my hometown boyfriend, because I wanted to be open to new experiences and had a wider vision for my life.

That is the sort of incident that I am speaking about, so, I can tell you from personal experience that chaos so often leads to another level of awareness and super mind strength that one could not imagine. You see in these situations you reach a new threshold. These are the situations where there is a growth point, a moment of truth, you might say, and how you deal with this situation determines whether you will evolve to the next level.. to a level of super mind strength or not.

Super Mind strength can be achieved when we learn to systematically react differently to situations.

Many people are not willing to believe that “I am the initiator of my problems.” Problems that seem external are usually results of mind patterns, and that is a hard one for most of us, including me, to own! However, as negative as that fact may seem, that is where the strength lies. There is great strength in controlling the mind and our thoughts. For centuries, in ancient traditions, the mind has been likened to a galloping horse or a chattering monkey. If we are aiming at developing super mind strength, (and why not,) we must remember that chaos, if we see it in the right perspective, leads to a new level of growth or awareness, and that the mind, although difficult to tame completely, must be harnessed.

But, I have left myself staring into my cup of tea in the dark, on the floral carpet. What happened? After literally a day of desperation, I finally realized that there was only one person who had to act in this situation, and that was me. I rang the flat owner and explained the unforeseen events and promised that I would soon be able to pay. I made the effort to go and see the father of Miriam and to give him some sustain and comfort. When my mother finally arrived after her holiday, I literally had a glowing feeling that I had not spoilt that in addition. My confidence, and self-esteem knew no bounds. At my new school, I found a new flat-mate by a colleague. I can truly say in retrospect, that something good “was pulled out of me” by that situation. I was on the way to a more superior awareness, yes I would say I did unprotected to without doubt, a super mind strength to deal with new situations.

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