How To Rapidly Build A Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy Rehab Ren…

How To Rapidly Build A Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy Rehab Ren…

How To Rapidly Build A Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat Strategies

In this article, you will gain a complete understanding of how you can rapidly build a large real estate portfolio by using the buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat method. This strategy was pioneered by Danill Kleyman of True Vision Analytics, who is one of the best, if not the best real estate expert of all time I ever come across I happened to attend one of his online training and the above strategy simply blew my mind.

Today, I am happy to proportion my own take and also hope that you can put this method to use as soon as possible.

If you are into the following market category and has been struggling:

character ownership, Buying and selling, Commercial character buying and selling Commercial building for purpose of refinancing or selling House flipping for profit Landlord or homeowner New construction Rehabbers And residential and commercial developments Then this article will definitely assistance you the most and you can come back and thank me later.

From what I noticed, the strategy works with character owners meaning if you own the character. Then sell and buy more. Commercial character buying and selling will assistance too if your overall objective is to increase your portfolio. Same goes to house flippers and homeowners who want to increase their real estate portfolio.

One great thing about this strategy is that it works in a flat market and it also works in a volatile market in addition. The juice behind it is that you only use one fund and then recycle that fund over and over and over until you reached the expected or intend portfolio limit or your target. Now lets look at what the strategy really is and how to use it.

What Is Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance and Repeat Strategy?

The strategy according to Daniil is called BRRRR which stands for:

Buying of character which is the initial stage of every homeowner of intending character real estate investors. Rehab method rehabilitating the character toward selling or renting it for profit. Rent. which method renting out for returns on capital investment. Refinance. Which method recycling the finance used on the initial purchases to buy another character as a consequence of good returns. Repeat. This simply method repeat the time of action. Benefits of BRRRR Strategy

First, it is the most powerful money building strategies you will ever encounter in real estate building and investment industry. The strategy takes advantage of the concept of velocity of money to help you roll over the same cash deal after deal. It enables you to rapidly build your portfolio using private money or a limited amount of cash. It works in a market that is not appreciating The strategy allows you to build a portfolio with little or zero money on your own tied up, however with at the minimum a 20% equity position as against debt that will protect you in a down market. How Does BRRRR Strategy Work?

First and the most important rule here is to make sure you dont get stuck on the first deal before jumping over to the next deal. Yes! I myself I was confused at first when he explained in detail, my jaws dropped, figuratively.

Because these deals when done properly are maths intensive and according to Daniil, the best way to not get your numbers stuck it to make sure your numbers work before buying the next deal.

For the sake of not wasting your time, let me jump right into how this strategy works

Step 1: Buying A character

This is the first and most important step into the strategy. This shows that you are ready to build your portfolio and you are committed to making it work

You can use a various source to get funding and this include:

Your own cash if you have savings Private Lender. Only just make sure they refinance your rehabs in addition. Bank loan if you know how to prepare a convincing presentation. A line of credit from members of the family, friend/s, partners, private lenders or already seller financing. To learn more about how to find private money and how to structure private deals that will get lenders begging to invest with you, watch this video. Step 2: Rehab

Once you have secured financing and bought your first house, you will need to rehab it. Always bear in mind to keep the character with the market tune as you will be renting it out and dont overdo it.

Aspire to create more the highest character appreciation by bigger rehabs. To unprotected to this, you have to do this:

When you go reappraisal, make sure to indicate to the bank that you have just made major renovations and improvement on the character. Improvements like broken boiler replaced, electricals, HVAC, plumbing, etc, should be mention. These will help increase the character appreciation rapidly. Make sure you do all your rehab work now so you dont have any maintenance call for the next 5yrs.

Step 3: Rent The character

This step requires that you start showing the character to possible tenants before the renovation and improvement finished. You will proceed to step four quicker if you already have a lease in and a tenant to move in soon as renovation is complete.

Step 4: Refinancing The character

This is a very crucial step in building your portfolio much faster. As much as the lease is in place and the rehab is complete, go to your local community bank for refinancing talks. This is because, your local community edges are often mandated by regulation, to give you a loan to local businesses. And they are going to lend you based on the percentage of the new market value of the character not based on your cost.

Step 5: Repeat

In this final step, you are going to repeat the whole course of action with the net consequence of step 4. This method you have paid off your short-term financing and you now have a cash flow asset that brings in money every month with zero cash tied up of your own. With the positive cash flow coming and a 20% equity on paper, your balance sheet looks and you can take to your local bank again for another loan.


These five steps; buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat are the steps that makes up BRRRR strategy you can apply from today to change. This is how you can rapidly build a large real estate portfolio. Again according to Daniil, there are a associate of very crucial points to observe so as maximize this strategy.

These are;

You can find such deals like that in almost any market. Investment Vs appraisal is what matters the most. This strategy can work on a 50k deal, 100k, deal or already 500k deal. Make sure you use short-term financing and a reliable refinancing. You can also use private lenders for refinancing but make sure they have a steady flow of money or a steady job that provides income. Always make sure that you can get a refinancing before you buy the deal. To avoid getting stuck. Avoid buying in an area you will have difficulties renting it out. Without a rent lease, you wont be able to get refinancing from your local bank. The tradeoff to be watchful of is to avoid spending too much on the renovation. As this could slow down your velocity of money. Always read the small prints on the loan, get a Lawyer to go over it just to make sure there no sudden foreclosure clause buried within. Know your numbers first before you already go into any deal This is how to rapidly build a large real estate portfolio using buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat the strategy. The most important point again is to know your numbers before you go into any deal. And your ability to get short-term finance and a take-out financing. Which is getting a funding upon the net profit of your first deal. You can use Rehab Valuator free software to calculate and master your numbers within a few minutes. Please leave your comment or any question below and I will get back to you closest.

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